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Feb 6, 2007 11:43 AM

fruit syrups (for beverages)

Hello -

I am looking for interesting fruit syrups - such as grapefruit, peach or blood orange.

I recently bought some lovely grapefruit syrup overseas, and am now kicking myself for not buying multiple bottles! The flavor was so vibrant and crisp - mixed with seltzer.

I've found the darker fruits - such as cassis, strawberry, cherry, blueberry etc. at some of the Middle Eastern Markets in Watertown (Marco Polo brand). I prefer not to have to order them online (for example, Monin).

Any recommendations for the Boston or Cambridge areas? much appreciated!

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  1. Has Marty's Liquors stopped carrying Monin? Haven't looked lately.

    1. Formaggio Kitchen in Harvard Square has basically the full selection of Monins, and Dairy Fresh Candies in the South end also has some, but not as many and not as well-stocked. Also check Chinese supermarkets such as Super 88.

      1. I just use the syrup in canned fruit for drink mixes,especially with tea and milk.You might be looking for pure fruit syrup not sure.

        1. Try the International Bazaar on Beacon Street in Brookline. I believe they have a considerable collection of fruit syrups and concentrated juices.

          1. Surprisingly, the TJ Max at Alewife (is that a TJ Max, or a Marshall's?) carries a wide variety of flavored syrups. I think they're DaVinci brand, but I can't quite remember.