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Feb 6, 2007 11:41 AM

Local source for sausage casing?

I need a dependable local -- preferably Boston/Cambridge/Brookline proper instead of the outer burbs -- source for sausage casings. Because what I need them for right away is boudin (our annual Mardi Gras party is impending!), they don't HAVE to be natural since you don't eat the casings anyway. Of course, if these go well, I'll probably branch out into other forms of sausage, so natural is a plus. Thanks!

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  1. Most any butcher who makes sausages will sell you casings.

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      One downside of this for the occasional sausage maker is usually a butcher will use a whole packet at once, so buys them in solution for convenience. For the home user salted is sometimes more convenient as you can remove hank or two and they keep longer. The advantage is potentially more sizes (market basket will only have one). But in a time of need, I have bought from the Brazilian butcher on Middlesex in Malden.

    2. Salted casings you can get at market basket (at least in Somerville) near the salt pork. They are a number of places in Newmarket and you might even get them in solution, but Lord Jeff's had lots salted when I was there last month. The other places I know are further away for you. Lord Jeffs might be fun to go for other Mardi Gras related shopping.

      Aromatherapy mentioned something on Main St in Medford, which rings a bell, but when I went to take a look I couldn't figure out which place.

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        Haven't been in yet. It's on your right going south, sort of between Pinky's Pizza and Bob's IIRC, in a little strip of shops. Very small but the sign is unequivocal.

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          If its after Alexanders and around George St, its probably what was Mt Sinai Travel -- since a brazilian travel agency, lunch counter, fashion boutique, and now a butcher. As far as I know its still the same owner (marcelo), but they changed the name/sign and put a bunch of signs in the window. I tend to avoid frequenting it because I got overcharged once, but we've held a BBQ with meat purchased there.

      2. I second Market Basket Somerville.

        And Savenor's, guaranteed - saw 'em an hour ago.

        1. I would stay away from Lord Jeff's if I were you.
          I had a very bad experience last week when I bought a packers cut of brisket to smoke.
          When I got it home I cut open the cryovac pack and the smell could have knocked you over. Needless to say I brought it back fro a refund and was told it was just gas from the packing. Bulls---!

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            That actually was not bull#### - I used to work for a meat market, and the gas from the packing can smell pretty funky, but if you let it rest for a little bit, it's fine, most people don't know that, I didn't until I worked with honest-to-goodness real meat cutters, and they all attested to the fact that cryo-meat does have that smell - that being said, if you still didn't believe them and wanted a refund, they hopefully gave it to you

          2. it sat there for 2 hours and the smell was still there.

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              Then it was definitely bad, It usually took about 20 - 30 mins. tops to go away, I hope you got your money back.