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Feb 6, 2007 11:28 AM

Best sushi near West Portal??

Will be visiting San Francisco next month and staying in the west portal area. Please chowhound devotees, looking for good and fresh sushi. Will have car but don't want to travel too far since I will be having the saki.


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  1. Won't have to go very far - Fuji on the corner of 14th Avenue and West Portal has delicious fresh sushi at a reasonable price. Decent wine/saki list too.

    There are actually some great restaurants on West Portal Avenue - Bursa Kebab (Mediterranean), Roti (Indian), Fresca (Peruvian), Cafe For All Seasons (American), Paradise Pizza (Italian), Old Krakow (Polish), and even the old standby El Toreador (Mexican).

    Enjoy your visit!!

      1. It's been a couple of years since I've been, but I want to second the recommendation for Fuji. They often had real Japan tai (not a variant of red snapper). The nigiri pieces are smaller than most other U.S. sushi restaurants, but you might like it that way. You can bring a group of up to 30 people using the upstairs banquet room - just call ahead.

        1. For some reason, I'm just not a fan of Fuji. I wish I am as we live only a few blocks away....We actually prefer Taraval Okazu Ya, just a few minutes drive from West Portal or you can just hope on the L-Taraval.

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            I second Anna's opinion. I was going to recommend the same thing. Nothing wrong with Fuji, but I give the edge to Taraval Okazu Ya (TOY). Similar prices, athmosphere, and service (well it can be quite chaotic at TOY), but food is average to above average for what you pay for. They have all the basic sushi and sashimi, but if you like, try some of their grilled/cooked fishes, there's over a dozen kind of fishes (monk, orange ruffy?, sword, bass, makeral, etc. etc. etc.