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Feb 6, 2007 11:26 AM

good pub food in southern NH?

anyone know of any better than average pub food in southern NH? I am tired of frozen stuff on a bun.

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  1. Commn Man in Windham!!!

    1. Portsmouth Brewery, Market St, Portsmouth. Definitely a notch above typical pub food.

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          Peddler's Daughter is doing a $30.00 pp three course prix fixe for Valentine's Day and the choices look excellent. Another place not mentioned yet on this thread is Ron's Landing on Hampton Beach. Besides being destination dining it's got a lively pub scene and menu to match. Btw, there's serious mixology afoot here :-)

        2. Great question. It really depends on what you mean by pub food. I love pubs, myself, and am happy to share what I've found!

          There's a small chain of NH restaurants called T-Bones (Salem, Hudson, Derry) that have a nice sized bar and good quality food--large selection of sandwiches and burgers, pretty nice appetizers, even a "simply choose two" collection to mix/match some stuff.

          Hooters has three places in NH (Manchester, Salem, Nashua) and their entire menu is pub grub. It may not be exactly what you're looking for, though.

          Just south of the border (bordering the Pheasant Lane Mall, but located in Tyngsboro, MA) is Smokey Bones, which has a large bar and an good selection of BBQ.

          The Grainery on Otterson in Nashua is a classic pub with a small restaurant area. It has an unassuming menu with modest prices.

          Martha's Exchange on Main Street in Nashua is your classic brew pub. Food isn't the best in the world (I haven't tried it recently, though), but the home made beers can help offset that minor detail.

          Peddler's Daughter is a newer Irish pub on Main Street in Nashua, and has an excellent menu and bar.

          If you consider Manchester to be southern NH, then you can find a bunch of pubs on Elm Street. The Shaskeen on Elm (near Hanover St) is your classic Irish Pub. Wonderful clam chowder and great atmosphere.

          Milly's Tavern on Commercial Street has great beers and a pretty decent pub menu with happy hour specials (all drafts, $1 and half price apps), along with daily promotions that can discount their beer even more. Despite the prices, the beer is quite excellent.

          Going to the seacoast, I've found Portsmouth to be a wonderful place to find pubs.

          Molly Molone's on Pennahallow is an Irish pub with a great menu and decent prices in downtown Portsmouth.

          Down the road from Molly's is Jack Quigley's on State Street is also an Irish pub. It has a smaller menu and I admit that I've never tried the food there (yet).

          Over toward Fleet Street, there's Coat of Arms. The food runs from fair to OK (not great), but they have a great selection of British ales. It's more of an English pub.

          Muddy River BBQ on Congress Street has probably the largest selection of beers on tap in Portsmouth. They have a nice size appetizer section and some sandwiches, but it isn't your typical pub grub fare (but the food is great!).

          Portsmouth Brewery is a brew pub. I'm not a big fan of their food, but their beers are pretty decent (Smuttynose brand, if you look for it in a local supermarket).

          Red Hook brewery has their own Cataqua Tavern, which is your typical brew pub with a bright atmosphere. The food is quite good there, and the beers are, well, they're Red Hook!

          Have fun!

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            Hooters??? Their food is truly bad! I have a friend who swears by their wings, i have gone 3-4 times to different ones and each time the wings are awful. If your going to include hooters you might as well include the 99. Otherwise a nice list

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              Nice list for southern NH pubs that serve food. Thanks for adding the brief descriptions too.

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                Jack Quigleys is no longer... now AKs... havent been... highly recommend the Red Hook... their Jerk wings are great- not deep fried, but grilled... also their prime rib sandwich is awesome...

                The Stockpot in Psmouth is also real good...

              2. We always try to stop at Widow Fletcher's Tavern on Route 1 in Hampton. Great atmosphere and pub food - Bangers & Mashed, Shepherds Pie, etc - their Chicken Pie was featured on Mark DeCarlo's Taste of America on the Food Channel.

                Jerry Saywell