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Restaurant open on Shabbos in NYC?

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Are there any resturants open for meals for fri nite or sat in nyc?

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    1. re: Kosher Critic

      Also Darna. Also meals at midtown chabad. All pay-in-advance.

      Plus there are some places that are kosher and open for normal business on Shabbat. Vegetarian Indian places. Also non-glatt delis (in Manhattan: Ben's, Fine and Schapiro, Pastrami Queen).

    2. I think that Talia's on AMsterdam and 93rd sometimes is open for Shabbos (prior reservations and payment required). Give them a call, they are now under OU after some kind of feud with the OK folks, (like Darna and others) and so everyone should be happy with the hashgocho

      1. eastside grill on the east side is open on shabbos, they are under the kof-k.

        1. The Chabad on 5th@ 43rd Street do sreve. Check them out:

          1. I have eaten at both Darna and Park East Grill on their pre-paid Friday nights.

            Darna ~ $45pp
            I liked the decor of this place which looks sort of like a Swiss Ski Lodge complete with a huge fireplace, and smaller couples nook raised off in the far corner. The food and presentation was good, portions generous, with lots of middle eastern spices and freshly cut vegetable side dishes. Hot dishes arrived warm and service was spotty, but what's the rush, it's Shabbos. Good high ceiling acoustics here help keep the large zmirot singing tables from disturbing the quiet couples.

            Park East Grill ~ $70pp
            A simple boring long narrow dining room with extra space between tables. The chicken in both the soup and main dish was dried out and chalky, and so was their over salted store bought potato kugel. Pay extra and get their plain steamed salmon steak that comes with a thimble of Honey Dijon salad dressing they donate for flavor. Even the dessert was over baked. Someone has to teach these line chefs how to use a steam tower. Service was great probably because they had 3 workers serving 14 people.

            Conclusion: If you are stuck on the East side and it's raining too hard to walk across Central Park to the West side, then eat at Park East; Otherwise you are much better off going to Darna.

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              Darna looks like a Swiss Ski Lodge? Where have you skied in Switzerland? :-)

              BTW, I think for a regular meal your recs are backwards, but from what I've heard, your recs make sense on shabbos.