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crème de cassis

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i recently had a drink in a restaurant - it was a splash of crème de cassis with white wine/ sparkling wine/ or champagne.

does anyone know what this drink is called? and is it crème de cassis or something else? do i buy crème de cassis at the LCBO? does anyone know the price range?

sorry for vagueness!


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  1. The one made with white wine is Kir. If it is made with sparkling wine/champagne, it is a Kir Royale.

    You can get creme de assis at the LCBO. A small bottle of 250mL should be around $13.

    1. It is called Kir Royal

      1. That's my favourite apéritif. :)

        I second the other posters - I've actually often seen the crème de cassis right near the checkout of the LCBO. It's a bit pricey, but you don't need much. I like to mix it with an inexpensive sparkline wine for festive fun.

          1. This is a popular apéritif in France. The creme de cassis sold at the LCBO is not very good, so I use Chambord instead for better taste.

            1. Quebec makes very good Creme de Cassis. If you're there (or live in Ottawa) you can pick up the local product at the SAQ. I'm not sure if the LCBO carries any from Quebec.

              1. You can get better Creme de Cassis in the Vintages section sometimes. I wish I could be more specific, but I just used up my last bottle and have already parted with it.

                Although I adore Chambord, it really is very different from Cassis. I wouldn't try and substitute it for Cassis. If you have some Chambord, just serve it over ice.