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NYC/ Boston Restuarant Mad Libs

a) If my favorite restuarant in NY is Blue Ribbon: My favorite restuarant in Boston would be _____________.

b) Katz's may be touristy but it's still too good to pass up in New York. Same thing for ___________ in Boston.

c) I love ____________ in Boston because it's completely under the radar and undiscovered.

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  1. a) A combinaton of Eastern Standard, The Butcher Shop, and Silvertone. There's no one Boston restaurant that equates to Blue Ribbon.

    b) The Daily Catch and Pizzeria Regina

    c) If I told you, it wouldn't be under the radar anymore, would it? You tell me your "c" answer, and I'll tell you mine. :)

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      Thanks. Let me think about the undiscovered one...

    2. a.) east coast grill

      b.) regina's pizzeria

      c.) silvertone's (not really undiscovered though).

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        Yes, but nothing good really stays undiscovered too long... damn internet...

      2. a) If my favorite restaurant in NY is Blue Ribbon: My favorite restaurant in Boston would be a combination of Eastern Standard, Silvertone, B Side and East Coast Grill. The issue is 1) most restaurants aren't even open at 4am and 2) it's hard to find that type of breadth in one single restaurant in Boston without sacrificing taste.

        b) Katz's may be touristy but it's still too good to pass up in New York. Same thing for Regina's in Boston. (North End location only). Santarpio's small pizza well done and an order of sausage/tips might also be up there. Maria's in the North End for pastries is always mobbed and usually worth it. I don't like Mike's, but it has its cannoli fans.

        c) I love many of East Boston haunts in Boston because it's completely under the radar and undiscovered. They're not undiscovered on this board, but they're off the beaten track, for sure. I'd also add O Cantinho in Inman - not undiscovered at all, but not something you'd get in NY.

        By the way - love this thread - your post is innovative and fun and not the usual: <I'm staying in Copley, tell me where to eat.>

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          I was going to post, but I agree completely with Gini.

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            Wow, it sounds like Eastern Standard, Silvertone, and Regina's Pizza are an absolute lock.

          2. a) I've never been to Blue Ribbon so I can't comment.
            b) Just to add some variety to this poll, I'd suggest Durgin Park, especially for their prime rib and Indian pudding.
            c) I can't think of an entire restaurant that's both excellent and under the radar, but I can suggest a dish that's outstanding in an unlikely place: the higaditos mexicanos (spicy sautéed chicken livers) at Sol Azteca.

            1. a) Franklin Cafe
              b) Durgin Park
              c) Taqueria Mexico (Waltham; have not been to Brookline location)

              1. okay, now my girlfriend has thrown something called Deluxe into the mix. Comments?

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                  For some reason, I always think of the Horseshoe Bar (7th & B) when I think of Delux, even though 7B has no food that I am aware of. No jukebox in Delux either. Similar "vibe" I guess.

                  The food at Delux can vary greatly depending on the chef, and they go through a lot of them. But the owner seems to generally find people who can serve solidly good food, cheap. NB: I haven't been in over a year.

                  Actually, it's not entirely undiscovered, but at its best, Delux could definitely qualify for (c).

                2. Funky little bar with solid, inexpensive food (mostly of the comfort-type variety, for lack of a better description).

                  My favorite touch is the ladies' room wallpapered with pages of Eloise.

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                      That's what I assumed, although it could be Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown? Hard to tell from hominaray's post.

                  1. Just want to say I love the form the OP's request takes!

                    1. Delux Cafe am told (to clarify)

                      1. By the way, thanks for all the suggestions, going to Boston for the first time in a couple of weeks. Boo-rah.

                        1. Thanks for all the recs. Went to Eastern Standard. I thought it was alright, but I wasn't expecting such a huge place, which lent itself to feeling a little like a big theme restaurant. I preferred Aquitaine which I went to the next night for it's ambiance and food. Hit Pizza Regina and you guys hit the mark on that place; had the St Anthony's which was excellent.