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Feb 6, 2007 10:34 AM

Use for crab stock w/o crab meat?

Hi! Last time I made a crab recipe, I saved the shells and made stock. I've been looking for recipes, such as bisque, to use it. The recipes I found don't use the stock. Rather, they use crab meat, and cream-of-broccoli or soup like that. I would like to make something with the bisque. Any suggestions? Greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Did you add any veg to the stock when you made it? If not you may want to cook it up again with with some carrots, celery and onion. A little flamed cognac would not be a bad addition. Then cook it all down and strain the veg out pushing on the solids. Place the stock in a clean pot and add a bit more coganc, salt, freshly ground white pepper, some butter and half and half. SInce I don't know what quantity you have you'll have to guess but in making about 6 servings I'd use about 2 C. half and half. If you want a thicker bisque you can cook some rice with the stock after removing the vegetables and then when the rice is tender puree through a food mill or with a blender before proceeding to finish.

    1. Make a corn chowder or any other creamy veggie soup, substituting the crab stock for broth/water/chicken stock. Use it as part of the liquid for a chicken gumbo.

      1. Us eit to make a seafood risotto.

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          I took my parm ristotto recipe and sub'ed crab stock for chicken stock. Half the parm for as much crab as I could. Both minced and lump. It was fantastic.


        2. I agree with the above post about using it for a risotto. I made lobsters and like you made a stock from the shells. It made the best risotto that I've ever prepared. Homemade stock elevates risotto to another level. I'd consider using a little asparagus for the risotto as well.

          1. Stocks made with crad or lobster are wondrful for so many preparations. Another thought, you could prepare a seafood "stew" chunks of fish, shrimp, scallops whatever and saffron and serve it with a piece of crunchy bread with aioli. I can't think of the name of this recipe...but its great...very brothy not at all like a chowder.