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Feb 6, 2007 10:28 AM

5OTH Birthday bas

Special spot in midtown,meatpacking or village for girls 50th. There's 10 of us and we want a not too formal spot to celebrate. price range $50 each. Not going till April. Something similar to Gotham Grill maybe not as formal but great food.Thinking about Union Square?

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  1. Does $50 each include drink(s)?

    I'd recommend Five Points, on Great Jones St. bet. Lafayette and Broadway.

    1. Da Andrea on Hudson @ Perry sounds right.

      1. I jsut went to Beacon at 25 West 56th Street for my "very big" birthday in December. It was FANTASTIC!

        You can do that for $50, but prolly not with wine. However, it's well worth every penny.... and if you tell them it's a b'ay in advance, they'll do a special b'day dessert for you...