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Dos Caminos

In Soho... the Mahi Mahi Tacos? That's like gourmet fast food it's so good... honestly, there is no way to describe it. I also had the Plantain empenadas and lemme tell you... BR Guest restaurants? They just know what they are doing.

Vento in the heart of meatpacking is the best as well. The sauce is to die for, their meatballs are insane and their pizza is practically worth the calories. Also, "Level V" downstairs gives any other lounge a run for their money.

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  1. I've only been to the Park Ave branch of Dos Caminos. I've always found it mediocre and overpriced.

    1. I too have just been to the Park Ave location and wasn't all that impressed except they had a great prickly pear margarita. My SO has been to the SoHo spot and had the same experience - so-so food that was way overpriced.

      1. I went to Park Ave and to the midtown locations and wasnt impressed with either one.

        1. i tried Vento for brunch once and thought it was mediocre.

          1. Agree with the general opinion. Way overpriced for the quality, the best part of the place (both park and soho) are the prickly pear margaritas. The freshly made guac is better at Rosa Mexicano imho.

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              Fresch guacamole is the easiest thing in the entire world to make well. I give neither dos caminos nor rosa mexicano any credit for making a $12 bowl of guacamole that I can make just as well at home for $5. The rest of the food at both places is decidedly mediocre at best and with the prices they charge just not worth it.

            2. Dos Caminos (any location) is not excellent. It is mediocre at best. John, you are right, guac is so easy to make - avocado, lime, chilis, cilantro and salt. simple and perfect. The thing that makes dos caminos stand out for their guac, is the fact that guac is also SO easy to do badly. Therefore, in bad competition, theirs stands out as good. Its also the kitch factor of seeing it made in front of you that makes you feel special. The other food at dos caminos, is decent on a good day.
              As for Vento - where should i begin. From the terrible service (no knowledge, no character and no professionalism), the timing of the food (took for ever) and the inedible food, my experience at vento (and there will only be one experience) was one of the worst dining experiences ever. Its amazing people flock there.

              1. No wayyy guys. Usually I agree with everything on these boards so far too!! But I gotta say, both of these restaurants? They blew me away!! And I'm no amateur NYC diner... I don't think either one is that expensive...found both place to have tremendous service.... and the food? It was just OUTSTANDING!!! Do I live in the same city, or did I just order the right thing? I ordered alot too!

                Vento, I did lunch...

                my friend and I (We always eat out together, and we share dishes...We make everything tapas ha!) has the meatballs for an appetizer, and they were impeccable. Then we ordered pasta with shrimp and one of their pizza's...everything was BEYOND delicious. And the service was so great, I felt like I was in heaven!!

                Dos Caminos, same deal. Our waitress was wonderful. For appetizers, we had the plantain empenadas and the shrimp empenadas and they were out of this world...and then the mahi mahi tacos, which I just believe be theory to be brilliant. (But I'm a huge mahi mahi fan). After that tho, I will admit, my entre was a slight downer- enchilladas...but it definitely wasn't terrible. It was good. The appetizers was the glory dish though. And none was expensive, and the service- amazing!

                Lemme save myself with you guys tho... more great empenadas and mahi mahi? ASPEN. Not just a trendy place with great atmosphere (Which...it is!) But great food to back it up. Their empenadas are awesome...the tortilla crusted mahi mahi is amazing... and everything else I got there, the asparagus, the mashed potatoes, bison sliders...melts in your mouth.

                I'm so surprised you guys aren't with me on Vento and DC... Everyone else I've spoken too (Including NYC chefs!!!) have agreed that their food is outstanding! I just thought I was late on the trend...I mean, there's gotta be three of them for a reason I thought?

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                  The BR Guest restaurants are popular with tourists and people who are into a scene. For food, with a few exceptions (Fiamma sometimes under the old chef, Blue Water Grill is OK) are overpriced and mediocre.

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                    A friend took me to Dos Caminos for the first time last week, and I thought it was fine. We split the guac and some apps. But $11 for a taco. WTF? How is that not expensive?

                  2. If the portions were significantly larger or the prices were 40~50% cheaper, I'd really like Dos Caminos. The way it is now, though, I'd have to agree that it's mediocre and overpriced.

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                      Try the brunch deal: one drink + entree+ coffee for the price of an entree (most are ~$11-14). Quite a good deal, IMHO.

                    2. 2 words...GROSS CAMINOS

                      1. I find that after a couple of Margaritas EVERYTHING tastes good.

                        Dos Caminos is a fun place to take friends from out of town.

                        1. I do like the brunch at Dos Caminos.