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Feb 6, 2007 10:07 AM

pressure cooker choices

I am ready to purchase my first pressure cooker and have read all previous threads.
I have spent a couple of hours surfing all the pc sites and reviews.
I have just returned from Bed Bath and Beyond - and Target. (my only choices in Gastonia, NC during lunch)
So I have done my homework first.
I have decided I want an 18/10 stainless steel 7 or 8 quart.
I can buy a Fagor 8 q.(5 piece set) at BB&B for $99.00
I can buy a Kuhn-Rikon 7.3 q. from Amazon for $ 175.00 (why so expensive?)
I can't buy a Magefesa anywhere yet, their Magefesa USA website is "under construction", and the links have been frustrating, but I want one....human nature, I guess.
Please give me some guideance if you have first hand knowledge.
I will spend the extra bucks on the Kuhn if convinced.

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  1. I own a Fagor and am happy with it. If I only had one pressure cooker this would be it.

    I also own a Faberware electric, which is better for slow release since it's "set and forget". It's not as good as a stove top cooker for any recipe that requires quick release, though, since quick releasing involves manipulating a valve to release the steam in short bursts, and I've very rarely also ejected boiling liquid by trying to speed the process w/bursts that were too long.

    (These are the only two brands I'm familiar with.)

    1. Kuhn Rikon is like All Clad. It's beautifully made and can make your life a little easier (arguably), but you do pay a premium for it - the cost of living is high in Switzerland. (lol). I got one on really good sale, but you'll survive very happily with a less expensive model, too.

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        I got for Christmas a few years ago. Absolutely love it. I think it'll last forever.

        1. re: bayoucook

          I've had my Kuhn Richon for 15 years or more. Very high quality. Still going strong. But, was it worth the bucks? I don't know - it's the only pressure cooker I've ever owned, so I have no idea how other models might perform or hold-up. Back when I purchased mine, I contacted the mfg to obtain a second non-pressure type lid, which I bought at a reasonable price. This, of course, means I can use the pot as a "normal" stainless steel cooking pot OR I can use it as a pressure cooker. I appreciate the versatility. This pot is verrrry sturdy. (By the way, bayoucook - I would not compare my KR to All Clad; actually its sturdier than All Clad, which I own several pieces of - or at least 15 yrs ago it was sturdier.) My Khun Richon is to average cookware as a standard issue Hummer is to, say, a Toyota RAV4. The KR has something of an destructible quality, which appealed to me when I bought it - and still does.

      2. Have you consider a Presto? Not as elegant and cool as the Europeans...but not as expensive either. I think a 6 qt runs around $50 bucks retail for high quality stainless steel. My Mom gave me a presto about 10 years ago and I thought it was a weird gift at the time but it has come in handy. I think I use it about 6 times a year and on that level it's fine. If I were to use one on a weekly basis, a nice egro one might be worth it.

        1. I have a Kuhn, but hunted for quite a while to buy it at a discount. I like it -- its simple, its solid, it makes you feel very comfortable and not much to clog up or go wrong. I also have a 22 qt Mirro which I like for the same reasons, but its aluminum. What are really common around here are brazilian made aluminum pressure cookers (glock brand or something) where the lid goes inside the top (instead of around) and then the handle is hooked around the post -- the pressure valve spins and usually you see folks putting a spoon to make it seal properly... these do not give me confidence.

          The fagor seems pretty nice, although the dials slightly turn me off, but it seems pretty bomb proof. My Kuhn might last longer, but the amazon price is pretty steep. If you do have any latino stores in your neck of the woods, check those out... in addition to the glock spinner style, they often do have some less expensive stainless models at least up here.

          1. Thanks all. I will most likely bite the bullet and order the Kuhn from Amazon. I only want to buy one, once.
            I have few retail choices choices here in my part of NC.
            I am leary of the Fagor as the handles and dials seemed "cheap", and I have read online that the handles can fall off over time.
            I know that the Amazon price for the Kuhn is high, and if I had more cooking stores (like Atlanta does) I could save some money.
            As an example, I saw the Fagor 8 q. in Sur la Table catalog for $ 129.00 ( on sale!) but it is $ 99.00 at my local BB&B.
            Thanks again.