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Feb 6, 2007 10:03 AM

April in Paris

Will be traveling to Paris in early April, and am looking for recommendations for inexpensive/moderate restaurants. Anxious to also try local markets, bakeries, etc, to experience local flavor. Will be staying in the 7th arr (near Eiffel tower), but am willing to travel within Paris proper.

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  1. fun market in Latin Quarter on Rue Moufftard. Keyser bakeries, one is in Latin Quarter and organic we stayed near one in 8th around St. Augustin on Mallesherbes. especially if in Paris on a Sunday a must is the Marais for falafel and other eastern european, "Jewish" delicacies.

    1. There are a few nice places across the street from the Tour Mauberg Metro stop. I had a very good meal a year ago at Le Maupertu- 94 Bvde La Tour Mauberg. It's a favorite of the locals and won't break the bank. The area around Rue Cler has many small shops, bakeries and restaurants.

      1. I returned from Paris last night and found a new favorite and revisited one from my last visit. The new restaurant for me is called Le Hanger, it was moderate ($60 with wine for 3 courses) and filled with French diners - always a good sign....just one block from the Pompidou Center (metro stop Rambouteau). Address is 12 impasse Bertaud, in the 3rd Arr. Phone is 01 42 74 55 44. Other great find is a wine bar with great food called Fish La Boissonerie (69 rue de Siene on the left bank, metro stop is Odeon) , one of the rare non smoking restaurants in Paris. Also about $60 for 3 courses with wine. Co-owned by Australian so English is spoken thoughout restaurant. Don't miss an apple tart from Poilane bakery or an ice cream from Bertillon - could go on and on....out of space!!

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          I'm thrilled to see that my favorite restaurant Le Hanger is not only still there, but still reasonable. The place is 100% local, down a tiny dead end. When I was there they had newspapers to read while you waited, BUT when your food comes put down the paper please, you don't want to insult the chef!

          Try not to miss it, it's great food. When I visited it was owned by two women, back then they did the cooking too. So happy to hear it's doing well, now I can tell my sister who is going for the first time this summer.