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Feb 6, 2007 09:59 AM

Dinner for two tonight- LES or West Village

Any suggestions on somewhere for dinner tonight that we could get into at this late date? Would like to spend under $50/person. Any cuisine will do, but really looking for a warm, cozy atmosphere. Was thinking Freeman's but worried about too long a wait. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. How about a place called Supper? Haven't eaten there myself, but have heard only good things.

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    1. re: Bugswife

      that's a good call though there will be a wait there too - however, they have a good bar with a fireplace to wait at. food's really good, very warm and cozy, and inexpensive italian.

      1. re: Bugswife

        Supper was good...not great. Had to wait an hour and were sat right near paced place

      2. Clinton Street Bakery in the LES
        Cornelia St. Cafe in the W Vill

        1. along the same lines, Frank (Italian) is very snug with delicious food.

          1. Valdino West on Hudson in great - cozy and small, with really good Italian food.

            1. I'd recommend Da Andrea in the West Village or Little Giant in the Lower East Side - each is unbelievably comfortable; Da Andrea feels like you're in soemone's itallian grandmothers home and Little Giant feels as if you're at a dinner party in your best friend's living room.