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Dinner for two tonight- LES or West Village

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Any suggestions on somewhere for dinner tonight that we could get into at this late date? Would like to spend under $50/person. Any cuisine will do, but really looking for a warm, cozy atmosphere. Was thinking Freeman's but worried about too long a wait. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. How about a place called Supper? Haven't eaten there myself, but have heard only good things.

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      that's a good call though there will be a wait there too - however, they have a good bar with a fireplace to wait at. food's really good, very warm and cozy, and inexpensive italian.

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        Supper was good...not great. Had to wait an hour and were sat right near kitchen...fast paced place

      2. Clinton Street Bakery in the LES
        Cornelia St. Cafe in the W Vill

        1. along the same lines, Frank (Italian) is very snug with delicious food.

          1. Valdino West on Hudson in great - cozy and small, with really good Italian food.

            1. I'd recommend Da Andrea in the West Village or Little Giant in the Lower East Side - each is unbelievably comfortable; Da Andrea feels like you're in soemone's itallian grandmothers home and Little Giant feels as if you're at a dinner party in your best friend's living room.

              1. My all-time favorite "small place" anywhere is El Charro at 4 Charles Street. Spanish. [i]real[/i] Spanish. been going there for more than 15 years, and the food is always wonderful. great service, too, and reasonable prices. On a Tuesday night, and as cold as it is, you should be able to walk right in.

                1. Lavagna is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in east village...great food, good wine, never had too hard of time getting in. Also, 26 seats (or 28) good reasonably priced french food. atmosphere for both restaurants is great!