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Feb 6, 2007 09:59 AM

Wild Shrimp

Where can I buy Florida, Georgia, or South Carolina wild caught shrimp in Queens or on Long Island ???

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  1. Very interesting. No replies in 2 days. I really thought there was more interest in eating wild shrimp as opposed to farmed shrimp. I am currently in Florida where wild shrimp is readily available and delicious.

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      The only thing I can do to help you out is link you to listen to this show:

      You can buy shrimp online and get it shipped from Louisiana:

      Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, I just don't think Wild Shrimp exists up here.

      1. re: albee

        I wish you could get it on Long Island, if so, I'd be there. White Cap in Islip told me they get the fresh Maine shrimp sometimes, but it didn't sound like a ton of it. I've never heard mention of anything else.

      2. Hm, no answers. I get shrimp by mail order from Linton's (Gulf) and Fisherman's Express (Alaska). Both very tasty.

        1. Take a walk through Flushing. There are many oriental groceries and fish markets and some with tanks with live seafood. I know that in NY Chinatown there are restaurants with live shrimp in tanks that are offered to diners.

          I had 'Frogmore Stew' last week in South Carolina and it was made with fresh shrimp and they were quite different than the frozen shrimp that I eat on LI. Be sure to let us know where you find them.

          1. V&T in Hempstead a Chinese market may have what your looking for

            1. I'm not 100% sure Asian Markets would have Wild Shrimp, since they're the source of the bland shrimp we all eat.