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Feb 6, 2007 09:58 AM

I-Drive Happy Hour

I am attending a meeting and would like to know of a place with a good happy hour or otherwise inexpensive drinks (say less than 7 bucks a drink). We will want to eat too but nothing too exotic as I will be with a group of meat and potato types. There will be around fifteen of us. Thanks!

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  1. Off I-Drive on Kirkman is an Orlando Ale House. They usually have good happy hours specials. There menu is pretty good. Wings, burgers, oysters.

    1. Avoid The ale house and call some of the hotels in the area. I used to live in that area and as a poor hospitality employee I would frequent the happy hours because I could have a couple of beers and munch the FREE food on the happy hour buffets and go home happy. I remember the Las Palmas having a good buffet. The hotel accross kirkman from universal used to have a guy carving bbq beef for happy hour.

      1. Mountdorahound: That sounds pretty good and I had not even thought of it!