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Feb 6, 2007 09:57 AM

lunch options on a saturday near the cyclorama?

hello all-

we are headed to the extreme beer fest on saturday, and wanted to grab some food (preferably not dainty little bites so that we can be properly prepared for high-quantity beer consumption) for lunch in the south end, but there don't seem to be too many lunch places open on the weekend. b&g is, of course, tasty, but a little bit pricey. any suggestions? preferably close to the cyclorama?


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  1. Aquitaine has a good brunch and a special on Saturdays. And it's only one block from the Cyclorama.

    1. I have hit Tremont 647's Pajama Brunch before the Beer Fests in the past. Good solid portions that create a nice base for drinking some amazing beers!

      1. Francesca's has great soups and sandwiches that are both cheap and filling before a beer fest.

        1. Addis Red Sea opens for lunch at noon, and it's right across the street from the BCA: very nice Ethiopian.

          Emilio's is your typical Greek cardboard-crust pizza and lame sub shop, also right across the street.

          I'm not a huge fan of Garden of Eden anymore; its sandwiches, salads, and other entrees, while fresh and good, are no longer the value they used to be.

          I like Billy's Sub Shop around the corner on Berkeley St -- good cheap breakfast food, sandwiches, gyros, etc., and a nice family operation -- but I'm not sure how late they serve on Saturdays.

          South End Buttery at the corner of Union Park and Shawmut does excellent gourmet sandwiches as well as good coffee and pastries.

          Don Ricardo on W Dedham does terrific Peruvian, Brazilian, and Mexican, hearty and value priced. Miami Cafe is a bargain-priced Dominican counter-service place on Aguadilla St with excellent sandwiches, stews, Jamaican patties, etc.

          The Red Fez on Washington does a nice North African / Middle Eastern brunch and lunch.

          Then there's the usual pricey-but-good South End brunch suspects: Aquitaine (one of the better bargains in this lot, actually), Metropolis, Union, Stella, Tremont 647, Masa, 28 Degrees, The Butcher Shop (which I don't recommend).

          South End Formaggio opens at 9am, and would be a fine place to put together a picnic if you wanted to eat al fresco (weather permitting): great cheese, bread, cold cuts, pates, olives, sandwiches, cookies, pastries, etc.

          Another coming good option isn't open yet, but I'm excited about it: Athens Market, a convenience store across from the BCA which will also carry prepared Greek foods: dolmades, meatballs, roast lamb, etc. I can't wait!

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            Also, Mela (upscale Indian) has got their lunch buffet going now; that's really close, too.

          2. Masa had a pretty good brunch last time I was there but it was a while ago.