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Is Wine included in the Doneckers tasting menu?

Thinking about trying tasting menu at Doneckers and wondering if wine is included in the price (I'm thinking no) but just thought to check. Also, has anyone tried it recently?

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  1. Yes. Wine is included. Keep in mind, there are two optional courses that you can get in addition to the standard $65 meal. (approximately $20 to add) They are definitely worth it! They are the fois gras course and the cheese course. Yummo!

    Please let me know if you go. Chef Greg Gable has left his post as executive chef and has been replaced by Ben Ash. Heidi Gable (Greg's wife) is still the sommelier. I am wondering if the quality will still be as high as it used to be under Chef Gable.


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      Out of curiosity, do you know where Chef Gable has gone? Has he moved on to another restaurant in the area?


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        He has accepted an offer to work for the company that owns Alouette cheese, Bongrain Cheese (out of New Holland). I assume that he is their personal recipe advisor... Sad day!

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          Sad indeed. Thats what I get for procrastinating the tasting. I did get to have a wonderful New Years Eve dinner there several years ago though. Hopefully the new guy is good as well. Any insight into his background?


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            Oh! You know I googled him as soon as I heard! (Love the internet!)There used to be a Ben Ash Deli in New York, but I couldn't determine if it is the same man. Nothing else, though. I'll probably get out there in the next month or two. I will report back!


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              Thats funny...I did the same thing, and found info on the same Deli. I find it hard to believe it would be the same guy...but who knows. I'm going to try to get there soon too. How bad can it be, right (famous last words)?


      2. We went over the summer and loved it! It is a great value for the quality of the food (as the previous poster stated, wine is included).

        1. Oooh. I had one more thought. You may have already seen this, but Doneckers posts their current tasting menu on their website. Here is the link:

          Also, on Fridays (and possibly Saturdays??), they have a pianist that is just wonderful! Completely makes for an awesome night! Last time we were there was the night of tree lighting in Ephrata, end of november-ish. My husband and I go for the tasting menu a few times a year, and have been doing so since 2002.


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            Oh my God! I just saw their Valentine's Day menu and it looks so good. I wish it wasn't such a long drive to Ephrata... or I wish Valentine's Day wasn't during the week so we could spend the weekend there! I still cannot get over what a great deal that is. On Valentine's Days in the past I have spent way more than that per person for the mediocre "special Valentine's Day menu" that most restaurants like to pull out.

          2. Ben Ash was Sous Chef with Chef Gable for about 6 years and they also worked together at Le Bec Fin. His menu may be a bit simpler and somewhat Mediterranean.

            1. Marilyn: Changing topic somewhat, but can you give me any info on The Porch in Myerstown. A web address would be ideal. I saw your name attached to a recommendation in a previous thread. Can't find any info.using my traditional search methods. Considering it tonight for dinner with friends who like wine.

              1. Jood......I was just there last night and it was great ! 2 additions last night was a pork loin
                with a pear chutney (which I had and it was good) and a lamb dish that 3 people at our table
                had and they all liked it.. If Joe (the chef) makes the oyster brie soup, get it ....not too heavy on the brie, the texture was velvety with 4 small oysters. I was still commenting on the soup on the way home. If you call ahead ask for table 10 and tell them Marilyn
                recommended. Chef Joe Edwards also worked at Le Bec Fin and is a friend of Chef Gable.
                http://porchrestaurant.com/ Let us know how you liked it !

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                  Your information was helpful, Marilyn. Thank you! As a matter of fact we went to the Porch last evening and had wonderful meals all around. I'll admit, at first we were skeptical because the place was not full and the decor was not on the level of Joe's previous establishments--Paza Luna and Le Bec Fin of which we have all been patrons. The food was exceptionally good, Joe chatted with us tableside and we ended up all knowing we would return. My husband got the pork you suggested--loved it. Another of us got the lamb and loved it too. We skipped the brie and oyster soup but got the salad with oysters instead. It was a hit all around. The light attendance that evening was, according to the waitress, because they are fully booked for Valentine's day which is right around the corner. Also, they are not yet well known, but they are slowly making a name for themselves. Myerstown is off the beaten path for most people who take their dining seriously. Still Tratoria Fratelli (of Lebanon, also off the beaten path) has a loyal out-of-town following, The Porch may find that loyal following as well.

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                    Jood...glad you enjoyed your dinners at Porch. Friday evenings should be busier
                    but as you mentioned it is off the beaten path. Its close for me as I am near
                    Wernersville. You're right about Fratelli, on a Friday evening you need to wait for a
                    table since they don't take reservations. Have you tried the restaurant at the Abraham
                    Lincon Hotel in Reading? Just read a nice review. Italian Chef.