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Feb 6, 2007 09:56 AM

Cincinnati/Jungle Jims

Doing a quick run over to Jungle Jim's on Friday. Suggestions for lunch near by? Used to look forward to Uncle Yips for dim sum, been to Red Squirrel for a double decker, maybe just gaze through the place?

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  1. I like Chester's Pizza, and there's a good Mexican restaurant up that way -- I think it's called Taqueria Mercado. In that area, but not right near Jungle Jim's, is a good Peruvian restaurant called Sabor Peruano; it's worth a trip. It's on Springfield Pike, which is Route 4 on the south side of 275.

    1. I tried Taqueria Mercado on my way to Jungle Jim's. It is in a strip mall {not easy to find ~ I didn't find it the first time}. I must say {when I found it}, it was a unique experience.

      First of all, there is a bakery, the restaurant, with a bar area on one side and a check cashing window in the back of the restaurant ~ making it a very "unique" experience.

      The clientele is predominately Hispanic, especially in the bar area of the restaurant. This adds to the experience. You know you are getting authentic Hispanic food. However the check cashing window in the dining area is , ahh, different.

      I ordered cheese enchiladas. The corn tortillas were "spongy", not like any hard or soft tortillas I've ever had {my mexican food experiences are limited in Cincinnati, OH area} . It was very good!!! The sauces were served in squeeze containers, and were very tasty. There were three to choose from, and all were different in spice, taste, and color. The rice and beans served with the enchiladas were very tasty, and not your run of the mill variety {just very different than anything I have eaten before}.

      The BAKERY was EXTRAORDINARY!! The pastries, cookies, and all sweets they offered were different from what you would encounter in the Cincinnati area. The bakery was my favorite part of the experience.

      I have to say that Taqueria Mercado is worth a stop, just because it's different{authentic?}.

      6507 Dixie Hwy
      Fairfield, OH 45014
      (513) 942-4943

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        Thanks, I've actually been in there and checked out the bakery. Good to know the dining side is good and worthwhile. Being an AZ border native Mexican is my comfort food.

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        1. Hi, all,

          I just wanted to report that we drove up to Jungle Jim's and stopped at the Peruvian Restaurant for lunch and it was very very good and authentic. We ordered a mixed seafood stew and steak and plantains. The place was full of patrons who certainly seemed to enjoy the food. Their specialties are seafood dishes prepared in Peruvian fashion, several sauteed steak and potato dishes, a variety of chicken and stewy soups.

          We were very pleasantly surprised to come upon this place and we will definitely go back. Who knew there would be such a find along Route 4??

          We also have shopped at the Taqueria Mercado several times for fixins for our Mexican feasts and have ordered their Tamales for Christmas parties. We have eaten in the cafe, too, and enjoyed it a lot, although it is quite casual and down to earth. Very friendly and helpful staff and it helps if you know spanish, but it's not necessary. Fun place.