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Best Milkshake in SF or Peninsula?

I'm craving a really good milkshake and have no idea where to get one. Please help.

My usual favorites are oreo or strawberry-banana milkshake, but I'm open to other flavors.

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  1. The Peninsula Creamery at Emerson and Hamilton in Palo Alto makes an extremely respectable milkshake in many fine flavors. You can get them to go, too.

    1. I like the milkshakes at Taylor's in the Ferry Building, and they have a very tasty Oreo.

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          Such a cute store and I love the Burlingame area. I'll check it out the next time I'm there.

        2. Jeffrey's in San Mateo is very good.

          1. mitchell's, or burgermeister, which uses mitchell's ice cream

            1. The only shake flavor I ever order is chocolate. Joe's Cable Car makes killer chocolate shakes, best I've had in SF. They use Bud's Ice Cream. No idea what Bud's reputation is. The shakes at St. Francis Fountain (24th & York) are quite good (they use Mitchell's), but I have to give them some specifics for it to measure to up my exacting standards.

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                I second the rec for St. Francis Fountain. Here's a link to a thread about the malted milkshakes there.


                Dave MP

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                  Is the chocolate shake at Joe's made with chocolate ice cream or by adding chocolate syrup to a vanilla ice cream base?

                  Fwiw, Bill's on Clement makes a true chocolate shake with chocolate ice cream, but they warn you that it is too rich for some people.

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                    No idea how Joe's makes them. I've never been able to watch them make a shake.

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                      Re: Bill's- I can never resist their chocolate malts when I'm there- one of the few places where they put enough malt into the shake!

                  2. A narrower geographical range would be appropriate.

                    If you're willing to drive further south, forget not Falafel's Drive Inn in San Jose. Your ordering tip is the "regular meal deal" includes a banana shake.

                    Other than that, another vote for Peninsula Creamery. I often get the peppermint.

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                      I'm willing to drive as far as San Jose for a good milkshake. :)

                      Thanks for the rec.

                    2. Perhaps this should be its own thread, but I'm wondering if anyone knows where one can get a really good ice cream soda. It seems to be a fountain treat on the brink of extinction.

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                      1. Thanks everyone for posting!! I've got my list and I'm going to try to hit each one so I can find my own favorite. I work in SOMA so I'll probably try Taylor's in the Ferry Building first.

                        1. I second the votes for Taylor's and the Peninsula Creamery. But don't forget Bill's in the Outer Richmond--2315 Clement Street; (415) 221-5262. Really good thick milkshakes, the peanut butter shake is a particular knock-out.