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Feb 6, 2007 09:37 AM

Steakhouse with Vegetarian Options?

I am planning my birthday dinner with my closest friends in a couple of weeks. Here's the thing: two of us want steak, and one of us is a strict vegetarian (i.e. no fish, etc.). I'd appreciate any suggestions for a good, moderately-priced steakhouse in the LA area which also has at least a few good vegetarian options. Also, we are very open to a place which serves really good veggie sides, so that the veggie in our group can get a few of those in lieu of an entree.

Many thanks-


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  1. Houstons in Pasadena has a pretty rocking veggie burger. It's not your traditional veggie burger patty. I tihnk it has beets and oats and some other earthy tasting stuff in there. It's not meant to taste like fake meat. It's really good!

    1. Ruth's Chris has a veggie plate as an entree and I'm sure some of the sides are vegetarian.

      1. not moderate, imo, but Nick & Stef's has many vegetarian options (though not vegan-the chefs like cream and butter a whole lot there): starters, salads and sides. Maybe you can call ahead and ask if special arrangements can be made/order in advance for your vegetarian friend.

        1. Just a thought: Why not a top tier restaurant that also does a decent steak? For instance, I've had a terrific porterhouse at Campanile, where I have also enjoyed plenty of vegan/vegetarian options.