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Feb 6, 2007 09:27 AM

Toaster Oven Recs Needed

I've been against buying a toaster oven for years now. There are just 2 of us at home and we have no real need for one. Been doing just fine with our regular toaster but we now find ourselves thinking that we might like one.

My big problem with them is they are so large. I have a small kitchen, not too much counter space to spare. Obviously, the toaster will have to go. So, I want one with a slim profile - something not too bulky, but if I'm buying one, I also don't want it to be some low budget model. May as well be something which can actually do a decent job other than making toast. Let it actually cook a meal perhaps so that I don't have to turn the oven on for mini-meals now and then. Something that might be able to handle a small meatloaf for instance.

Any suggestions? Price doesn't matter, but appearance does.

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  1. I bought a well rated Sanyo toaster about a year ago and I've been quite pleased with it. The convection function is nothing to write home about, but I think the purpose of the convection in this little oven is to simply circulate the warm air all over because it's a small device compared to a true convection oven which really gets some air moving, comparatively. The footprint is tiny compared to other ovens in it's class so it should fit nicely. It has a stainless exterior, so that's always a plus. You can probably find this for cheaper than $75 on other online site, this Amazon link was just the first to come up...

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      It would be perfect if it wasn't stainless! My kitchen has not a speck of stainless steel in it - I totally steered away from it. I have black appliances, black sink/faucet and my cabinet pulls are copper. Alas, the stainless would totally clash. I should have mentioned that one caveat :-)

      If they had it in white or black, it would be great. The size is perfect tho, I'll have to see if Sanyo makes others similar.


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        Not about toaster ovens -- sivyaleah, I love your identifying icon...great!

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          It's my favorite artist :-)
          ce n'est pas un fromage :-)

    2. I got married last month and got a toaster as a gift but that thing was so big that it didn't really go with my new kitchen so I ended up returning it..(shhhh..)
      I went to Amazon and my last two choices were Sanyo and Panaonic and I ended up getting the Panasonice for $80. I am so glad I bought this toaster. It literally takes 2 minutes to toast and it's so compact that it literally fits it's so cute!!!
      I highly recommend it.

      1. this is a little different, but I love those countertop ovens that look like vacuum canisters? Kinda like the JetStream oven, or flavorwave, or SunPenn. They heat up quickly, cook quickly, clean much easier than a rectangular toaster-oven, and save lots of energy.

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          Thanks for the suggestion but I'm not looking for that kind of appliance - my post was specifically for a toaster oven.

        2. I have a Delonghi that I couldn't do without. It fits 2 small chickens, so does not have the slim profile you're looking for, but I made a shelf for it against the wall and it's certainly not an eyesore. The front is basically composed of a plain glass door so you can see your lasagna bubbling away in the lit interior from 15 feet back. Quite nice. I got a toaster oven to replace my oven not my toaster, so it's just a thought, as even the smallest ones are going to take up space, that it may be worth it to get a slightly larger one if, like me, your oven takes forever to heat up and then warms up the apartment intolerably in the summer. I feel I'm saving a lot of energy. The Cuisinart model also gets very good reviews, I believe.

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            The Delongi looks very nice, but I definately don't need anything that large. My oven heats up great, and no heat problems in the area either - it's a house not an apartment. It's more laziness on my husband's part that is pushing us into buying one. For some reason he thinks it's easier to use a toaster oven for heating up small items, instead of using the oven. Personally I think it's just because he can't be bothered to learn how to use the controls on it, which I find kind of amusing since he's always making fun of me for not learning how to use the myriad amount of controls for all the electronics that run our TV/DVD/VCR etc LOL.

            Personally, I'm very happy having just the toaster, and not bothering with a toaster oven but I'm all for compromise.

            So far, Cuisinart,. as you mention, seems to be the one making the most sense, plus I already own several other small appliances made by that company and have been very satisfied by their performance.

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              There was a thread about this a few months ago, and someone with a white Cuisinart complained that the front of it very quickly became discolored. The poster decided it hadn't been worth the price. This made me feel better about my cheapo Toastmaster ($19 at Target) that is so discolored and hideous that we hide it when we have guests. It does work quite well, though, and we often cook meals in it.

          2. I really love my Oster toaster oven that I bought on clearance at Target for $26 well over five years ago. It is relatively small and sits on a rolling 'cart' from IKEA that I use for extra storage in the kitchen. I have baked casseroles (in a standard Pyrex covered casserole), baked muffins, use it to toast whatever almost daily, have made nachos, cooked fish in a foil packet, made toasted cheese, heated up cold pizza, etc. Since I am usually cooking for one, it just the right size. However, every year in June I host a brunch for 25+ people. I use the toaster over as a second oven to make a vegetarian version of the main dish (usually an egg strata). I highly recommend it.