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Feb 6, 2007 09:23 AM

Tired of the same ol' for lunch..

Okay I'm in Pasadena off of Madre/Foothill. I am SO sick of having the same things for lunch! Fast food is just gross to me around here but I can't seem to find anything cheap and fast that I can grab and get back to my office for a 30 minute lunch break. Any help out there? Preferably a place I can call in to and pick up?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Where do you usually get lunch in that area, so you don't get recommendations for the places you're trying to avoid?

    1. Just off the top of my head, right close to you...Hastings Ranch Whole Foods, salad and hot foods bar, as well as packaged sandwiches and deli takeout. Trader Joe's, salads and sandwiches. King Taco and Mongolian BBQ, both on Colorado towards Rosemead, both quick and tasty, if not exactly elegant. While Yang Chow (a couple of blocks east of Rosemead on Colorado) gets no respect around here it's perfectly respectable Americanized Chinese - my wife's family are all addicted to the Slippery Shrimp - and you can call in orders for takeout. I've also heard good things about Pasadena Sandwich Co., though I've never tried it.

      1. Marie Callenders, Islands, Jamba juice, Baja, Togo's, Acapulco and yes I've tried every fast food place around! The other 2 girls in my office have worked here longer but they don't know of anything else around either. Help!

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          Lee's Hoagie House on Colorado, near Sierra Madre. Excellent sandwich selection. A bit farther west is Luigi Ortega's, across the street from PCC. I like 'em both quite a lot. You could definitely phone in your order to either, pick it up, and return in 30.

          When you mention fast food, I assume you're familiar with the non-chain places like Top's (either the one on Colorado closer to you, or the one on Walnut - similar but unrelated).

          Seriously, you'll never venture near Togo's again if you go to either Lee's or Luigi Ortega's. Others like Pasadena Sandwich Co. I was unimpressed my one time there, but I might give it another shot.

          How about Mexican? You can get some mighty fine tacos, tortas & burritos at La Estrella (Foothill & Altadena). Lupita's is also a local favorite (Colorado & Sierra Madre) for reasonably priced Mexican cooked to order (quickly).

          Whole Foods and Trader Joe's also provide an array of fast and tasty choices.

        2. How about ZELO (328 E. Foothill Blvd., (626) 358-8298) for pizza or a calzone?

          Or try LITTLE JOE'S (4171 Live Oak Ave. (626) 446-5643) for their burritos or tamales.

          Of course there's always my personal favorite for burgers and onion rings, CONNALS (1505 E. Washington Blvld. (626) 794-5018), but it might be a bit far from where you are esp. if you are on a 30 minute clock.

          1. Margarita's Mexican on Rosemead (between Colorado & Del Mar) you can call in your order. Try their Yucatan Style Tacos (beef) - my new find ~ phenomenal!! Or their great fish tacos. They also have a tamarindo margarita which is awesome (but since you are on lunch...) Also, little Mijares on Allen & Washington has good Mexican and you can call. Connalls as already mentioned. Wonder Burger on Walnut is pretty good (really good breakfast burritos). Tops and mentioned - try the Chicken Tostada, really good.