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Feb 6, 2007 09:18 AM

Habib's? - Edgewater

A friend of mine was telling me about this new Mediterranean restaurant on Bryn Mawr (approximately 1200/1300 W.). I can't find this place anywhere online. Anyone know what the name of this place is?

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  1. I walked past what I think you are talking about two Saturday agos (end of Jan). The restaurant had people in it and we're eating. It looks like they were putting the finishing touches on it (i.e putting the decals on the window). It looked like they featured schwarmea (that was on the window). It was about 2-3 storefronts west of the el station. By the way, that little stretch has so many new restaurants than from when I used to use the station 5 years ago!.

    1. It's crazy up there nowadays! So much new stuff. Thanks for the info. I'll probably head up there tonight.

      1. Aha! My spelling was off....Habeebi's (1134 W. Bryn Mawr).

        1. It's right down the block from me. I have only been in once, got a fattoush salad and some stuffed grape leaves. It's pretty good, nothing spectacular, but definitely good for a craving or a quick and easy meal. I liked my fattoush salad a lot, actually.