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Feb 6, 2007 09:17 AM

Middle Eastern Market

Anyone know where there is a Middle Eastern market in the Boston/Cambridge area? Specifically I am looking for pomegranate molasses and it seems like many are imported from Lebanon. I know where to get all of my Asian goods and Latin American but I am drawing a blank on Middle Eastern markets.


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  1. Watertown. My favorite is Eastern Lahmajun, but there are lots of choices. If you don't have a car, I believe there is a bus from Harvard Square.

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      there is a bus from h square. close to eastern lahamajun, there are three armenian stores within a minute's walking distance of each other. they're great. another good store is serevan in watertown by blue ribbon bbq.

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        #71 bus from Harvard Sq. to Coolidge Sq. on Mt. Auburn for Sevan Bakery, Arax Market or Massis Bakery, all within 2 blocks.

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          Sevan Bakery is there too, and has an AMAZING selection.

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            The 71 bus from Harvard Square will stop right in front of the Sevan Bakery on Mt. Auburn St. The 73 bus will stop in front of Eastern Lahmejune on Belmont St. These buses run about every 10 minutes and even more frequently at peak hours.

          2. there are shops in the haymarket location that carry all sorts of middle eastern goodies, very reasonably priced. i buy pomegranate molasses, orange-flower water, harissa paste, fig paste and all sorts of stuff there. also a syrian grocer on shawmut ave in the south end.

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              Yeah, there are a few shops on Blackstone Street (where the Haymarket takes place) that have Middle Eastern specialities. I tend to buy my spices there, as I can get them in quantity at ridiculously low prices.

            2. There's The Syrian Grocer on Shawmut Ave., near Hanson Street (also near the Franklin Cafe in the South End). The store is packed with Middle Eastern specialties - don't miss a shelf or you might miss a region of food.

              If you're asking Boston/Cambridge, I'm going to guess you'd be on the T. Closest Stop is Union Park Street on the Dudley Square Silver Line bus.

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                Next door to Formaggio Kitchen, right? Fascinating place!

              2. The Syrian grocery has a Spanish Olive Oil cookie with almonds and hints of anise that is wonderful. It's thin, crip and not too sweet.

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                  Do you know if the olive oil tortas they carry are by Matiz, or Inez Rosale? Do you remember what they are charging? Thanks...

                2. There is a great Mid eastern bakery and market in West Roxbury directly across the street from the Star Market on Spring St. It has a red and white striped awning and looks like a 7- 11 store. I think it's fairly new. The owners are lovely people.