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Feb 6, 2007 09:17 AM

Dinner near Westin Grand?

Any recommendations for dinner within walking distance of the Westin Grand? Will be dining with a party of 5 out of towners including my parents. Nicer places are fine - while I'd love to try an ethnic place I am not sure my parents would enjoy it. Seafood, european regional food, and a good wine list would be best. Thanks!

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  1. I think you should consider Marcels. Close enough, lovely inside, and dependable Continental cuisine.

    1. Blue Duck Tavern in the Hyatt is nearby.

      1. Just returned from Blue Duck Tavern. Aside from some shakiness on the reception (they were running behind, but were not very late as it turned out) it was a spectacular dinner. The room was a little loud but the service was excellent and pretty much everything we had was spectacular... appetizers - four and twenty Blackbird torte, beets with endive and goat cheese; entrees - beef casserole with marrow, rack of pork with bourbon peach, skirt steak, and bratwurst with sauerkraut; sides - duck fries, salsify, corn and sweet potato grits; desserts - vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate sauce and apple pie. Yum! The bread was a bit underwhelming, but hard to find fault with much else. Strange menu item of the night: $19 for monkey picked tea? Are you kidding me? The monkeys must have won a very favorable union contract!

        1. The immediate vicinity will give you a wrong impression of what Washington is really like, but it's hard to quarrel with your proximity to good upscale restaurants -- Blue Duck and Marcel's are among the city's best. Citronelle isn't far either, nor are two generally well-reviewed places I haven't been to, Asia Nora and La Chaumiere.

          Zed's has moved and lost some acclaim since it was my favorite of the city's Ethiopian restaurants 15 or more years ago, but it's also nearby for those who are up for a taste of something distinctly D.C. but who don't want to travel to Ninth and U.

          1. Pesce at 20th and P has terrific fresh seafood as does Seacatch in Georgetown. Seacatch has a fireplace and so does La Chaumiere. The really good food at La Chaumiere is classic country French but I suggest avoiding the crabcake which is a sop to tourists who always think they should eat the local specialty while here. It's not always a good idea as La C proves.
            You're not far from Kinkead's which serves seafood as well and has been a favorite of many Washingtonians for years. Vidalia is only about 4 blocks away. Upscale Southern accent in a lovely setting.