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Feb 6, 2007 09:09 AM

Riesling Spatlese (Graacher Himmelreich)

I just came across a bottle of Dr. Heidemanns-Bergweiler Gracher Himmelreich Riesling Spatlese among the bottles in my wine cellar (okay, okay, so it's really a wine rack in my basement closet). What kind of food would best accompany this wine? Would it work with spicy Thai food?

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  1. Delicate white-fleshed fish like turbot and sole. Salmon, especially poached. Trout, especially smoked. Lobster salad. Lobster or scallops in cream sauce. Soft shell crab. Ham. Pork or veal roast. It will go well enough with many Thai dishes, provided they're not way fiery.

    1. It will go quite well with spicy Thai food, IMHO. Spatlese level wines, esp. from the Mosel (as G-H is), are generally going to have generous, but not overbearing fruit, and a good amount of palate refreshing acidity and minerality running through the middle. I agree with the smoked trout rec, as well as the soft shell (but in february?) and veal roasts. It's probably going to be pretty delicate, too, though, so I'd be wary of overwhelming it with cream sauces and the like. That said, a coconut based Thai dish should go marvelously well. Also consider oysters, or anything with some mineral notes that might mirror those in the wine. What vintage is it, out of curiosity? These wines are also often intended to age for some time... I've had 20 year old spat- level rieslings that were pretty awesome. It might be something you'd like to lay down for awhile, if it's from a good vintage. Enjoy either way!

      1. "would it work with spicy Thai food?...."

        Is the pope catholic ??

        Spicy Thai food is my number one matchup for a great riesling, although there are many others... Riesling is probably the single-most "food friendly" wine varietal... enjoy!

        1. i like pairing rieslings with my foie apps...... agree with the seasfoods. love em with asian (thai). agree that it could get lost with many cream sauces.