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Feb 6, 2007 08:54 AM

Dinner by Air Canada Centre??

Am taking some clients to a hockey game and cannot think of a place for dinner. Anywhere between Bay/King and the Air Canada Centre (or anywhere near). Nowhere overly fancy (not Canoe or Rain or Bymark - type places). Any suggestions?

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  1. If cost is not a major issue then Harbour 60 is your best bet. Not a well known fact but they include complimentary valet parking with dinner and it's a 2-3 minute walk to ACC from there.

    Great steaks with an astounding seafood selection. You'll look like a "shooter" with your clients. It may be tough to get a reso before the hockey game as it is usually full with regulars who have seats at ACC.

    1. how not-fancy do you want to go? assuming you're coming from north of the ACC

      burger & beer: C'est What or Irish Embassy
      mid-priced italian: Aqua
      only on an expense account: Ki
      steak: Tom Jones

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          BCE place -- right next to the hockey hall of fame, across the fountain from Marche

      1. I think Jump is a good place for clients. Not as expensive as Canoe or Bymark and while not necessarily out of this world, very respectable. If you go a bit north on Bay, Turf is another option (you can bet on the horses at your table there). Reds Bistro is good too.
        I like Irish Embassy too or you can go a bit further northeast to Beerbistro.

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          turf is a great option for a hocky goin' crowd!

        2. Great suggestions, all!
          Thank you.

          1. Last game we went to we hit Beer Bistro for dinner, its a Yonge & King... was about a 2min cab ride from the ACC. It was pretty good too.

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              We went to the beerbistro for the first time on the night of the Bob Dylan concert at the ACC this summer and it was really good. We have been back many times since and it has yet to disappoint. We also had their Winterlicous menu this past Saturday and it was awesome!!!