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Feb 6, 2007 08:32 AM

Boston Kebab House - Downtown hope for vegetarians

I stumbled upon this seemingly new, brightly lit and brightly colored restaurant in Liberty Square, just off State Street east of Congress -

Enjoyed an excellent dinner of Adana Kebab (two skewers of ground lamb grilled - I think it may go by another name at other M-E places?), with rice and spinach sauteed with pine nutes and spices. There was enough to enjoy the leftovers for lunch. Nice flavor on the kebab - Spinach was excellent.

Here's the thing - along with the various types of meat, they have over a dozen "meze appetizers" that appear to be vegetarian - the spinach, couple of different kinds of eggplant, zucchini fritters, artichoke fritters, different kinds of salads, etc. Menu offers a meze plate of six items for $6.95 or two with salad for $5.95.

They also had some fresh-made soups that looked awfully enticing in this cold weather. Friendly staff too.

Here's the website:

Also a link to any earlier post -

The earlier post appeared to slip below the radar and I had not seen it discussed on the board. Everything inside is very colorful and inviting - The food also appeared to be fresher looking - overall, it presents a more pleasant picture than the nearby Sultan's Kitchen. Looked like there were lots of tables downstairs for in-house dining -

Anyway, check it out.

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  1. I'll second that. I don't think its quite as good as Sultan's, but the food (and particularly the vegetables) are fresh, and you can usually sit down. Its a touch off the beaten path but worth adding to your food itinerary, particularly in that part of town.

    1. Sounds a lot like the menu descriptions, and item names, of the oft-discussed Turkish family restayrant in Brookline Village...Must be Turkish....

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        I think I remember from a Globe blurb that somebody there worked at Sultan's Kitchen.

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          we've spoke with the owners several times. Definitely Turkish.
          We went again as a group of 4 and were thus able to order 8 of the 11 available appetizers with our dinner specials. The baba ghanous (patlican salatasi) was an enormous hit. Definitely the star of this weekend's meal, with a deliciously smoky flavor. Perhaps a bit creamy, but savory enough that we contemplated getting another order.

          The meze are virtually all vegetarian so there are plenty of options for any non-meat-eaters.

          Afiyet olsun...

          1. re: galleygirl

            Adana kebabs are definitely Turkish. The zucchini fritters are likely mucver, which I first had at Brookline Turkish Family restaurant.

          2. They also make an EXCELLENT felafel wrap.

            1. Not sure I want to bring this into the downhill alert department quite yet, but I must say that the past few times I've been (including today) I was somewhat disappointed. This has become a regular lunchtime joint for me due to the amazing food and cheap prices.

              However, after numerous attempts of finding the right logistics for the order and pay lines and figuring out what wording works best on their daily coupons, they've bumped up the prices and reduced the portions.

              Now, mind you, I'm not really into big portions (I prefer quality over quantity), but when the price for the meze with salad (I highly recommend the grape leaves and babaganoush) goes up by $2 in 2 months and the number of grape leaves goes from 6 to 2, and the amount of babaganoush cut by 3/4ths, I get a little bummed out. Yes, that was way too much to begin with, but isn't there a happy medium somewhere?

              The food is still excellent and the place is still a zoo (15 guys behind the counter!), but simply just something noticed.

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              1. re: weathermasta

                6 grape leaves to 2 AND a price increase? Sounds bad.

              2. I wanted to like this place, and have gone twice. The chicken kebob plate is just ok and not comparable to something you can get from Falafel King in Downtown Crossing, which bugs me because there's no place to sit at FK and there is at BKH. The chicken kebabs at BKH are fine, but the rice is nothing to speak of and I don't care for the creamy dressing that comes along with the meal. They were nice to offer me a complimentary lentil soup last time I went, but unfortunately, I found it kind of dishwatery and couldn't eat it.

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                1. re: wontonton

                  Sorry to hear about the shrinking portions at lunch. On my trips a few months back in the evening the food was excellent for the cheap price (a friend who has travelled quite a bit in Turkey also approved). The portions were also enormous (maybe they're trying to lure more evening customers when things get slow, so they up the portions at night?). I found the meze and desserts to be the highlights with some of the kebabs (like the lamb) being great and others (the kofta) a little dry. Wontonton, they do offer a range of sauces though, so should you go back, you can request a different sauce. I really liked all the fresh herbs and clear tastes at this place. Downsides would be the dry, cold, self-serve pita and the garish color palette of the decor.