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Feb 6, 2007 08:31 AM

JazzFest first timers

I am bringing my husband to the JazzFest for a surprise for his 50th birthday and our three grown kids will also be coming as a surprise. My husband is a recent cancer survivor so it's very important to me that this weekend be spectacular. I'm holding reservations for the two of us at Antoine's. Is that a good choice for a special dinner for two?

I would also like recommendations for another couple of nights. I'm looking for something that would be "fun" but the food exceptional. I know that some of us are not very adventurous eaters but others will want authentic New Orleans. So I guess I'm looking for something ecletic that would appeal to a variety of tastes.

And finally, if anyone out there has other suggestions to make this weekend unforgettable, I would be appreciative!

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  1. If you are planning to go to Jazzfest during the day, there is fantastic food at the fest. Plus, you will be extremely tired, I know I never feel like going anywhere afterward.

    Antoine's is not my favorite. If you want one of the old line restaurants, my choice would be Arnaud's. You might look into Bayona or Cuvee, also.

    For authentic New Orleans, I'd recommend K-Paul's.

    1. I went to JazzFest last year, first time ever in New Orleans. EAT AT THE FEST! The food is absolutely ridiculously good.

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        I second/ third that!!! We're going to the fest for the first time in 3 years and I can't wait for the fest food!!!!! They offer small and large portions so you can try more things.
        I think I'll try to do one item per hour, and pace myself =) Then again, there's that whole willpower thing.....

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          And the chance they run out of crawfish bread (I learned my lesson by the second day). Get it first, get it fast. The shrimp bread is good, too!

      2. Listen to these wise people!!! My wife and I are also coming this year for jazzfest (6th time) and the food at the fest is as good as any in town and extremely reasonable considering the quality. Come hungry and graze all day. We have tried to do big dinners after the Fest but it was a tough duty with above mentioned fatigue and gluttony. What we found works the best is a very late casual dinner after either continued revelry or a nap. Do a search for late night eateries like Coop's. Have is a blast!!

        1. Jazz Fest food is exceptional, but if you want to sit down after a hot day on the fairgrounds and have someone else wait on you I would suggest the following:
          Antoine's has seen better days so opt for Restaurant August, Stella or Arnaud's in that order. All have websites.

          1. Jazz Fest food is the best. My husband and I are returning for our 7th straight year. Grazing all day at the Fest is a sacred tradition! Usually start with crawfish sacks, oyster pies (Patton's), move on to crawfish monica, then a soft-shell po-boy, and on and on. We've also tried to stifle ourselves at the Fest so we could enjoy a nice meal afterwards but it's hard to do! Last year we dined at Brigsten's (wonderful!) but you asked for fun (not that Brigsten's isn't fun)...Jacques Imo's is the place. Terrific local fare AND if you're lucky they'll seat you in the bed of the pick up truck in front for interesting atmosphere. If it's casual you're looking for, try Domilese (on Anunciation) for the best oyster po'boy in town, IMHO. Happy eating.

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            1. re: deltagirl

              Oh, no!!!! Now you've done it! You've started the Best Oyster Po'Boy in Town Fight!
              My family hasn't been able to settle this one in several generations. We have siblings and cousins and in-laws who will go to mat for Bozo's, Parasol, Liuzza's, Casmento's, Domilese, and Lord knows how many other bars, restaurants, joints and carryouts all over the NOLA metro area.
              Now that Katrina has scattered some of them to the Northshore, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, up to Baton Rouge and Lafayette, more places are getting added to the list!
              This battle shows NO signs of ending. We just eat them everywhere. Not sure there is an absolute BEST oyster po'boy.

              1. re: deltagirl

                yum..... crawfish monica!!! I went to a festival in Philadelphia when they tried to duplicate it and failed miserably. Can't wait to have the real thing again!!