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Feb 6, 2007 08:21 AM

Great resturaunt in Tacoma??

going to be up there from L.A. here in a few days and want to know a great place to eat dinner with a group of 4. Don't really care what the cuisine is, just want good food, and I don't want to drive up to Seattle either. Thanks in advance...what is your favorite.

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  1. Centerline, Tacoma's dining scene has much improved in recent years. Here's some restaurants well worth visiting:

    1. Indochine: Pan-Asian with a Thai/French influence. The tuna dish should be considered their signature offering.
    2. The Matador: This is a very new, Tex-Mex place. Atmosphere is more bar than restaurant but fun food (unless you don't like spicy).
    3. Asado: Argentinaian steak house that does fish well too. Noisy but good.
    4. Il Fiasco: Italian that's not Southern Italian red. Good wine offerings.
    5. Stanley & Seafort's: A Tacoma institution that has offered the same menu for decades. While nothing is trendy, the food is consistently good especially the steaks.

    Of the 5, Indochine would be my first choice. Reservations are a must. (Note: There is a second Indochine in Federal Way. They are owned by the same people but the menu is different and the Tacoma location is superior.)

    1. I like From the Bayou in Parkland, right next to PLU. Good Cajun food, funky decor, and (though this isn't the season for it) a lovely patio for when the weather is better.

      (click on the "Gift Store" link and there's a 10% off coupon for dinner)

      1. OVER THE MOON CAFE: Dinner is bistro fare with heavy emphasis on fish and beef. The roasted duck salad is a must try. Nice wine list. 709 Court C, Tacoma, 253.284. 3722.

        PACIFIC GRILL: Large-scale glass sculptures imitating sea life are lit softly from within while lofty ceilings, rich warm cream colors, and shining dark wood combine to create solid viewing points when not studying your gourmet steak, chicken, pasta, or seafood dishes. The restaurant offers a stellar wine list. 1502 Pacific Ave., Tacoma 253.627.3535.

        1. Stadium Bistro is new on the scene and offers some upscale fare. (
          )I second the suggestion for Indochine. I've had a really bad dining experience at Over The Moon and would not recommend it from the food experience I had.

          1. Thanks, I am thinking either From the Bayou (I love good cajun) or indochine. I will let you folks know what I went with. Thanks again