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Feb 6, 2007 08:06 AM

Greek Kitchen?

Has anyone been to Greek Kitchen on 58th and 10th Ave recently? The search function isn't turning up much. I've been craving good Greek food and will be in the neighborhood tonight.

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  1. I order lunch from there once in awhile, and as recently as yesterday. It's good. I usually order the grilled chicken club sandwich with tzaziki but the Agolemono soup, Greek salad and other items are all good though, in my opinion, slightly overpriced.

    1. i haven't been in months, but i really like the greek kitchen for a casual dinner. i think the food is very fresh and tasty, and the entrees come with a greek salad which is nice.

      1. Greek Kitchen is a nice friendly neighborhood rest with a simple and tasty mennu and an interesting wine list.....try the Vatistas Monemvasios Red with your lamb chops