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Feb 6, 2007 08:03 AM

Valentine's Day

I know it's very late, but I need a reservation for Feb 14th. Staying on Canal but will have a car. I've tried Bayona and August with no luck, of course. Very good food important.I'll try Galatoire's and Stella this afternoon but don't have much hope there, either. Anything off the beaten path to try? Thanks.

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  1. i haven't been to nola since before the storm, so i don't know whats still active, but if you have a car have you been to mosca? and there is always jacques-imo's which i know is still open. no reservations there, but what you do is go a couple hours before you want to eat, put your name in, and then go for drinks and music at the maple leaf next door.

    1. Valentine's Day is a terrible day to go out to eat around here, it's all prix fixe and packed, have you thought about doing a valentine's eve dinner instead, or something like that?

      If you must, try some of the places people don't talk about so much, like Dominique's, Broussard's, Vizard's, RioMar, La Boca, Herbsaint, Pelican Club, Mat n Naddie's, Iris, One, Maple Street Cafe, Jamila's. Have you checked Arnaud's? GW Fins? Emeril's? Cuvee? Uppeline, Lilette, La Petite Grocery, Cafe Degas, Ralph's on the Park, Crepe Nanou... Hope that gets you started.

      1. You'll probably have trouble on Valentine's Day, but Crepe Nanou is a very romantic place, right on Prytania uptown.

        1. If you are mobile enough to come to Kenner Calas Bistro has very early and very late openings 5 to 530 or 10 PM.

          1. Keep in mind there are two evening mardi gras parades on Valentine's day, this will only add to the logistical difficulties here, especially if you are staying on Canal.

            Personally I would get a poboy and a six pack of beer and stake out a spot on the parade route.