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Feb 6, 2007 07:58 AM

30-40 People Event in Oakville

I am looking for a restaurant to have a family event for 30+ people.

In the past I have been to Julia's and they did a great job but was hoping for something different.

We have considered Paradiso, but I am not too crazy about their food. Right now we are leaning towards Jonathons but have never actually been there. Would appreciate any feedback anyone has on Jonathons or any suggestions for other restaurants that would do a good job and have good food


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  1. Jonathans is wonderfu. The food really is fantasic...however, if the price is too high, I would check out the greek restaurant on Lakeshore - the name escapes me at the moment - I am pretty sure they can accomodate a big group.

    1. Cafe Galleria is a great, family-run Italian restaurant that is on Main Street in downtown Oakville. The food is wonderful; the fish, pasta & meats. The mussels in red sauce are a must! Enjoy!