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Feb 6, 2007 07:52 AM

where to buy oxtail cheap?

Trying to make oxtail stew. I've seen it for $3.99/lb in Chinatown. Is there a better option elsewhere? That seems to be a lot of money for such a boney part of the cow.

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  1. $3.99 is dirt cheap for oxtail. Since the popularity of Carribean cuisine the prices have skyrocketed. Most places( when you can find it) sell it for $5 to $6 a pound. Not to mention that most of the real Oxtail (i.e. beef rather than veal ) is exported to the islands. The stuff in the Chinese markets seems to be beef so it's a bargain.

    1. Try Dufferin Meat, on Dufferin south of Lawrence, in the plaza adjacent to Lady York. They cater to a Caribbean clientele, and their prices are really cheap. The do carry oxtail.

      1. If you are a west-ender, you can try Yuan Ming out in Mississauga.

        1. $2.99 /lbs at Top Food Supermarket at 2715 Lawrence East, it's a little east of Midland. These guys have been open for a few months now and they always have some kind of special on meat all the time. On the weekend they had beef shortribs on sale for .88 cents a pound, regular price is $1.59 /lbs and last they had dungeness crab on sale for $2.99 a pound, regular $5.49 /lbs. I thought Lone Tai at Kennedy and Lawrence was cheap, this place is unbelievable.

          1. The price has increased incredibly in the last year or so and there are bargains, and to seek beef as opposed to veal oxtail. Most important to realize that a lot of the value comes from the flavour of the bone and the final result of lots of flavourful gelatin!!! More important is to really consider the cooked oxtail has a lot and I mean a real lot of fat and cooling and removal of the hard, hard fat is essential! I love it, but it is a later or next day meal for me because of the excessive fat!!