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Feb 6, 2007 07:31 AM


Bozeman, where to eat? Any reccomandations would be appreciated.

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  1. You might try conducting some searches, but here are a few...

    John Bozeman's Bistro, Gallatin Gateway Inn (outside of Bozeman), Plonk, McKenzie River Pizza, Louie's Down Under, Pickle Barrel, Boodles, the Mint (in Belgrade). Some of my info may be slightly out of date, but that'll give you a start.

    1. Lived in Bozeman for 5 years, was GM at Boodles and Gallatin Gateway Inn
      Stay away from Louie's, the Mint, and JB's Bistro - low quality/high price
      Also avoid Santa Fe Reds, Main St Overeasy & The Bay, no matter what anyone says
      Check out:
      Cateye Cafe & Soby's for breakfast
      McKenzie River for decent pizza
      Plonk for wine and snacks
      La Parilla for cheap burritos
      The Crystal for whisky and lots of it
      Not much to recommend in the way of 'fine' dining

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        Totally agree on avoiding Santa Fe Red's. Unfortunately, a lesson learned too late!

      2. I was just in Bozeman-and ate at Louies down under-it was excellent-For a great steak and roadhouse experience-go to Sir Scott's oasis in Manhattan