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Feb 6, 2007 07:29 AM

Anyone use Villeroy & Boch (sp?) cookware?

A long time ago I bought a stunning whole set of V&B pots & pans. They are very heavy, so I imagine that they are cast iron covered by enamel. But everything sticks, and when you clean them, the enamel scratches sooo easily. I'm beginning to think they're just for "show," and not intended for use. I'm going to give them away, but I was just wondering, since no one ever mentions them here, if anyone else uses/used them?

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  1. I have one lovely V&B piece, but it is a casserole, and all china, not pots and pans.

    I do have a cheap enameled casserole that my mom gave me, which I love because I can fry meat in it and put on the lid and put it in the oven and so on, plus it is pretty. It always amazes me how easily it cleans up. I'm sure it was bought at the grocery store, one of those end of the aisle specials. It scratches a wee bit, but not enough to be upset about.