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Feb 6, 2007 07:26 AM

MTL-Need Smoked Pork Hock in MTL

I can't find any at my local butcher in NDG, nor the couple of places I've tried on the Plateau, can someone help?

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  1. Le Traiteur du Terroir, on St-Laurent near Marie-Anne, used to have them regularly, but I haven't seen them there in about a year. Perhaps it's worth asking if he'll prepare some by special order? Apart from that, I would ask both Porc Meilleur and Les Cochons Tout Ronds at Jean-Talon Market.

    1. I've tried le Traiteur du Terroir already, and sadly no dice. I've also tried the Slovinian and Hungarian places on St-Laurent near Pins, and that fancy grocery store in Mile End, Latina? I'll try the Traiteur again, but the Jean-Talon Market is a little too far out of my way (work in the Plateau, live in NDG, no car).

      Thanks for the suggestions though!

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        Hmm. Have you asked the butcher fellows at Le Maitre Boucher on Monkland? Maybe they could order one for you?

        Le Maître Boucher
        5686, Monkland
        Tél : (514) 487-1437

        Or you could take the metro to Lionel Groulx and try one of the butchers at the Atwater Market. You could always call them first.

      2. Quebec Smoked Meat, 1889 Centre St. (514-935-5297). Pointe St. Charles area.

        1. Charcuterie Fairmount has them, just down from vielle Europe on St Laurent

          1. I know its not in Montreal, but THE BEST PLACE for smoked meats is The Sausage Kitchen, 5 Byward St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9B8. Tel 613-241-6358.

            Their smoked products including pork hocks, turkey legs, pork chops and ribs are out of this world and much cheaper than similar products in Montreal charcuteries. It is worth the trip to stock up your freezer for the year! Outstanding sausages also and a wide range of Austro-German food products.