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Feb 6, 2007 07:05 AM

Your favorite Le Creuset color

Orange(or was it called Flame) is my favorite...though I ended up ordering red since orange wasn't available.

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  1. Im all over the place. I have a white 71/2 soup pot that I use a lot. My next piece I want is a round 51/2 and I want it in the kiwi. I also want a 31/2qt buffet casserole in black.

    1. I have one kiwi piece and two all the colors, though I don't really want Dune.

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      1. re: IndyGirl

        Dune is history. White is back.

        1. re: IndyGirl

          Since this thread is still active, I'll update! I have acquired a few more pieces, thanks to my awesome spouse and other family members.

          -flame (I think that's what it's called) oval dutch oven
          -classic round dutch oven in red
          -lemongrass small cast-iron baking dish, oval-shaped
          -large round lemongrass wide dutch oven
          -cobalt signature braiser
          -a darker red huge saucepan--I am not sure what this one was called. We picked it up at a Tuesday Morning, and I could never figure out what the deal was. Because of the unusual dark red color (maroon or red wine looking) I suspected it was a fake for awhile, but I don't think so--it's an awesome piece and has worn really well.

          I love them dearly. I am a little disappointed that my favorite one (the cobalt round saucepan) has some pits in the finish, probably my fault somehow. But if anyone reading this knows whether they might be willing to fix it or exchange I am all ears. (I just haven't really had time to fight with calling the company)

          1. re: IndyGirl

            My blue round french oven pitted and had opaque round spots on the lid after about 7 years - they replaced it with a new one, no questions asked, but that was a few years ago. I treated the pot very well and they just suddenly appeared for some reason. I've since moved to the red colour with no discoloration problems.

        2. Kiwi, Flame, Cobalt are my top three. I try to get them in all different colors, though.

          1. I have one each of Flame (my favorite), Red, and Dijon, and my next one will be in Cobalt (unless there's a really good sale on another color...). I wish Le Creuset would make a nice green, the color of steamed broccoli.

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            1. re: gingerbread

              They do- its exclusive to William Sonoma.

              1. re: JABDDD

                LC used to make a nice green like that that wasn't exclusive to WS - I have a 2 qt. soup pot in that color that I got from Amazon maybe six years ago for around $50, and I love the color. I have a green 5 qt. dutch oven from the Staub line that QVC sells that's almost exactly the same color.(excellent prices and performance almost exactly like LC, BTW). Williams-Sonoma tends to carry exclusive colors of LC (I believe they have a signature blue among others that come and go, just a little lighter than the cobalt), but of course they charge top dollar.

                I remember when the lemongrass color came out, there was a lot of lustful oohing and aahing on Chowhand, but no one has mentioned it yet. I like it better than the kiwi, but I like the darker green that LC no longer generally markets best of all.

                1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                  I love the lemongrass but all of my L-C is cobalt, except I have one flame gratin. I would totally have a whole set of lemongrass if I had a fortune though.

                  1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                    Hi Caitlin,

                    I bought my entire set about 7 years ago, too, from an LC outlet (March 2006). I remember the month because the outlet had a great deal where they gave 30% off outlet prices, but only in the green color, which they somehow related to the month of March (perhaps due to the start of spring on March 21?).

                    In any case, at the time I was bummed because I didn't want an entire set in green, but the discount was so good that I couldn't pass it up. Now after all these years I kind of love the green color.

                    I believe it to be exactly the same color as the green that is exclusive to Williams-Sonoma, and the boxes I saved have it listed as "Cactus."

                    At the time, I was an even more novice cook than I am now, and I thought LC enameled cast iron was the pinnacle of cookware, so I considered my approximately $2K purchase an investment for life. Since then, my cooking experience has led me far from this genre of cookware for most applications, though I still reach for my LC dutch oven for stews and my friend Kaleo's no-knead bread recipe, and also for the LC grill pan when I don't have time to fire up the barby.


                    1. re: alarash

                      "only in the green color, which they somehow related to the month of March (perhaps due to the start of spring on March 21?). "
                      That is possible, but I'd bet it had to do with St. Patrick's.

                      1. re: alarash

                        Well, my post saying I bought my green pot six years ago was made in 2007, so now it's 12 years ago, and LC colors, regular and exclusive, come and go. WS apparently currently carries the same green (Fennel) that everyone carries, and which looks a bit lighter than mine, which is similar to the pot pictured in the avatar of the poster whose post is directly below mine and above yours.

                    2. re: JABDDD

                      I love that Sonoma Green and have been trying to justify buying a piece but...I really don't have need for another piece.

                      I've been picking mine up mostly at the outlet so I have an assortment of colors: White, dijon, red, blue and the old dark green. I also have the apple, a purple pepper and the pumpkin. But I'd love to figure out something I needed and get a piece of both the Sonoma Green and the Brown.

                      1. re: ziggylu

                        How does the white wear? I just have a feeling that the outside might become discolored after a while, so I have stayed away from the really light colors (although I don't like Dune either). The cobolt never really looked like food would look good in it, so I never bought it. I do like the WS Sonoma Blue, which is gorgeous, and I'll probably try one next if I can justify the purchase of my 12th piece. I have lots of Flame (given by my mother) and the dark green that I found at a LC outlet three years ago. One piece of Dijon. I toyed with the burgundy color, but decided not to buy that day. .

                        1. re: RGC1982

                          I've had my white for about 9 years now. It's a 8ish quart round oven(sorry I always forget the exact sizes!). I use it A LOT. Probably the one I use the most.

                          It's stil looks nice and white. No discoloration at all. White is probably my least favorite color but I picked this up cheap cheap cheap($27 new!) and decided who cared about the color. Cleans up as easily as the dark colors do.

                          I wouldn't hesitate to try any of the light colors if you like them.

                        2. re: ziggylu

                          Wow! If you ever want to part with that purple pepper, let me know!

                    3. Hhmmm... I just went to Le Creuset's site to see what my color is called and it's not on there! It's a beautiful steel greyish/ blueish color and I love it! I think I also love it so much because I ordered it over the phone and it was a bargain, and I didn't even ask what color it was because I was so excited, and I was so pleasantly surprised! How sad they don't have it anymore! Guess I'd have to go with red for the next one. The white always looks pretty in Giada's kitchen, but I don't know if it would always look pretty!

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                      1. re: Katie Nell

                        I have several pieces - including the beloved pot I use for rice - in white that are ages old and they are still beautiful. Maybe because I take psycho care of them. LC seems to have discontinued white. I could just scream! I really want a larger Dutch oven'in white. Dune just looks soiled.
                        I like the dark French blue as well. Nice homey, classic color that seems to go with everything. I have the covered paté/terrine in blue. Love it!