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Feb 6, 2007 06:26 AM

Telepan ordering suggestions?

I'm going to Telepan tonight for the first time and usually scour the menu in advance to make sure I'm getting the best.

Can anyone who went to Telepan provide their favorite dishes?

I'm thinking of the trout appetizer, lobster bolognese, and then the rack and shoulder of lamb.

Is the foie gras midcourse any good?


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  1. I certainly liked the trout app, but I think the Hen of the Woods mushrooms are better.

    Either way, your choices sound good enough to eat ;o)

    1. The poached egg and frisee salad is a great dish.

      1. You may want to go duck instead of lamb - other choices are guaranteed winners

        1. Just wanted to say that I had an excellent time at Telepan last night. The place was very comfortable and pleasant, service was excellent and friendly, and the food was delicious.

          In the end, I had the brook trout appetizer on a was great. The trout was smoked and not overly cooked. I had a bite of someone's mushroom frittata which was great but I preferred the trout. I also had some of the shrimp poppers which were little more than fried shrimp...definitely not worth getting.

          I had the foie gras midcourse which was even more rich than most foie gras. It was excellent though the accoutrements were pointless. I tasted some of the pierogi which was nice enough. They were sold out of the lobster bolognese. For entrees, I had the lamb cassoulet...which is usually not my favorite due to the beans. But it was delicious. Lamb shoulder, sausage, and some other version was tender and flavorful. I sampled the duck was was quite good and the sirloin which i thought was very good as well but I was happy with the lamb.

          Dessert was the peanut, milk chocolate dish...tasted like a upscale candy bar and thus, quite good. Nothing too inventive.

          Overall, I can't see going all of the time but would definitely return. The price was excellent and I left full...a rarity these days in dining.