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Feb 6, 2007 06:24 AM

Wintergreen Candy

I'm looking for a specific type of wintergreen candy that I usually buy at a candy shop in Manchester, VT (Mother Myrick's). I believe this store has stopped making them so mail order is out. I would love to buy my husband a box so I'm hoping someone may know of a similar candy in this area. The candy has the texture of maple sugar candy (soft and sugary) and is about the size of a quarter. They were pink and happened to be shaped like hearts (I think it was Valentine's day when I last bought them).

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  1. I know those grandmother used to call them "Canada Mints". They're not available everywhere anymore....I think because a lot of candies in chain stores are treacly sweet.

    I have seen pink, non-heart shaped wintergreen candies generically bagged in the candy aisle of CVS (I think they're CVS brand), for cheap money. Can't vouch for the quality.

    One of my FAVORITE mail order stores ever, The vermont Country store, markets a DELISH selection of wintergreen candies under the name "Merrimints"...I HAVE bought these and they're wonderful....pretty enough to put out on a table for an after-dinner treat as well. Check out, I think you'll find them and I know your husband will love them.

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        I think the Merrimints are more like what Fidget963 is looking for - Canada Mints aren't soft, they're hard, very much like Conversation Hearts or NECCO Wafers.

        1. Canada mints? Don't they still sell those at places like Shaw's, CVS, Walgreens, Stop and Shop in the candy aisle, with those generic 2 for $99 bags?

          1. I am familiar with Canada Mints and that is not looking for. I’m looking for candies that have a much softer texture and are grainy (more like maple sugar candy). Canada Mints are a harder candy. Allstonian’s suggestion of Merrimints sounds like what I am interested in. Unfortunately it looks like the VT Country Store only sells them in a variety package of four flavors and we would only eat the wintergreen flavor.

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              I pretty sure MerriMints are no longer made.
              Maple sugar candy is real easy to make. You could do the same with wintergreen extract and try making your own.

            2. Not when they're fresh, then they're much softer.