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Feb 6, 2007 06:16 AM

Miriam's to replace Hill Diner

The Hill Diner on Court had supposedly been undergoing renovations, but early this morning I saw a big sign in the window announcing that Park Slope's Miriam was taking over the space. Opening date is Feb 12 and menus (including a special one for Valentine's Day) are posted in the windows as well. Looks yummy, if possibly a bit pricey. But I've never been to the PS Miriam's, so perhaps the food is good enough to warrant it. And certainly there are plenty of people in the neighborhood with more money than me!

I'll look forward to hearing reviews once it opens :)

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  1. I will be sorry to see Miriam leave its Fifth Ave. home. I have been very pleased with Miriam's take on Israeli/Mediterranean cuisine. I have also been pleased to be able to drink some Israeli wines that are far superior to the usual Israeli plonk.

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    1. re: famdoc

      are they moving or opening a second location (hoping for the latter)

    2. Don't think their moving. I heard they are owned by the same people. I have only had bad experiences at both locations. The food is fine, but the service stinks! The first few times I went (to either location), I had to get my own silverware and water from the bussing station because the staff was so inept! Once had brunch at Miriam, waitress never put our order in. After MUCH time had passed and I inquired about our order, she said it would be up in a minute, then one of the cooks came out and asked me how I wanted my eggs! The waitress could have cared less, never apologized, didn't offer to comp us anything. When the check came I asked for the manager, who took one meal off the bill, and I most certainly DID NOT leave a tip. I've had similar experiences at Hill Diner. And I've spoken to the owner several times about the service (even once when the service was good, I made a point of telling him). But to many bad experiences have left a horrid taste in my mouth. Will not go back.

      1. Hill Diner is owned by Israeli's and Miriam is Israeli food so I'm guess it's the same owner and they're just changing formats on Court St.

        I ate at Miriam once and while the room was lovely and the waitress nice, the food was markedly average. Oh well, at least it's not becoming Food Maestro South. ;)


        1. Ugh. Hill Diner did really have the most atrocious service and mediocre food, so I don't have high hopes if it's the same owner.

          What is it about Court St North? Why can't any of these restaurants get it right? It seems the closer you get to Atlantic, the worse the food and service gets.

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          1. re: oolah

            yeah, i would agree that of all the joints up north on court there is not ONE that i would ever really think of going into to spend money. not when neighboring smith is so full of decent-to-really-good places. ALtho, if you venture a wee bit south on court to Carroll and Court, you can go to FRAGOLE which, as i have gone on and on about on these boards, is just amazing in their simple, wonderful, honest food. love them.

            all that being said, i never did actually make it into Hill, hehe. if this new place is going to be Israeli tho, at least itll bring a little fresh air to that section of court. even if its just mediocre, i wont have to go to atlantic or over to PSlope's venerable Mr. Falafel.

            1. re: ben61820

              I like Cafe Cariociofo on the corner of Court and Warren. I've only eaten there a few times but I thought the food was excellent. I had roasted artichokes that rivaled or were better then Caputos, the salads are really good and not just Mesclun and the pasta dishes that we had were tasty. It doesn't get alot of play on this board. They also have a very reasonable prix fixe.

              1. re: ben61820

                I live 20 yards from Fragole, so I have really really wanted to like it. But, every time I go, I have a so-so experience. Service is ok, food is ok, but I just can't get excited by it no matter how much I wish I could.

                1. re: gwhalin

                  Seconded! I've always thought there must be something wrong with me, but I've never found anything there to rave about. We order in from there pretty often - it's reliable and affordable - but it's certainly no destination spot. It often has a faint cleaning fluid smell, which is a big turnoff for me.

              2. re: oolah

                I disagree with you on Court St North. Café Carciofo (on Court and Kane, not Warren) is good for brunch or dinner; Quercy is great for French food; for pizza there’s Sam’s and Sal’s, the former more old school and either brick or coal oven; the later makes a decent slice – nothing complicated; for monster burritos try Buddy’s, which is next to the beer distributor. Its cafeteria style and everything is made right in front of you. Nectar is also good for a quick sandwich and a nice smoothie; Café Nova, which is owned by the same guy who owns the red deli, makes gourmet sandwiches that are good if a bit small, but they do have a nice per/lb salad bar and homemade soups and I’ve heard some nice things about Mexicali off of Atlantic.

                1. re: MShapiro

                  I like Carciofo too. Things definitely start improving around Kane St (and get better and better from there on), but Vivir, Lobo, Hill Diner, India House, Downtown Bar & Grill, Joya, and that other Thai place (next to Diane T) are really among the worst in the neighborhood.

                  Mexicali is ok for a neighborhood with lousy Mexican, but it's nothing to write home about. Same with Buddy's.

                  1. re: MShapiro

                    ive long been interested in Carciofo but it never seems too crowded and just doesnt seem inviting...also, i mean, im pretty far south on court. Buddy's? cmon, no way. i'd rather truck in into NYC and go to burritoville. Sam and Sal's pies are nothing worth writing home about. again, south court's Vinny's trumps them both. or World pIe. I dont mind cafe Nova in the nicer months for reading, but their salad bar is outrageously expensive, and yes the samiches are ridiculously small.

                    1. re: ben61820

                      I’d try Carciofo for dinner, maybe a week night when it’s a little less crowded, or on the later side for brunch – both time slots might be more inviting. We’ve always had decent food from Buddy’s. Maybe it’s relative since most of the Mexican in the neighborhood is sub par. It’s quick & inexpensive and our go to for now. Sam's doesn't deliver which to us is a bummer. I really like it in an old school 70's sort of way. I don’t know about their dishes, but I like their pizza. Sal’s – decent for delivery and a quick slice (which Sam’s also can’t do). IMO Vinny’s was right on par w/ Sal’s, but their delivery took forever. Last time we ordered we called them multiple times to ask where our food was and we did not have a complicated order. Never tried World, I’ll add that to our list. Agreed on the Super Nova pricing – can’t see how you justify $7 – 8/lb for salads?

                      1. re: ben61820

                        We used to love World Pie. However, the last few times we had pies delivered the crust was not crisp at all and their extra cheese was hardly extra.

                        1. re: Matt M.

                          just to clarify regarding my opinions about world pie and vinny's, i have never tried their pizza delivery. i am referring only to the quality of the slice on the go, picked up at the place, just slightly reheated. also, about world pie, i myself havent had them, but my brother absolutely swears by their meatball parm sandwiches. they do LOOK good, for sure.

                      2. re: MShapiro

                        I disagree with your disagreement :)

                        I had an unbelievably mediocre meal at Carciofo, seems like one of those places that just coasts on its old-school reputation. Pretty much the same thing with Quercy. Buddy's is pretty much inedible to me, and though I like Mexicali for what it is, it's still not a place I go to unless I'm really out of ideas. I still need to try Sam's and Sal's, however.

                        1. re: CobblerNYC

                          actually, i think we're very much on the same page.

                          1. re: CobblerNYC

                            I have never had a bad meal at Caffe Carciofo. Their food is very tasty and the service is very nice.

                            How is Quercy coasting on old school reputation when they've only been around for a few years?

                      3. Court Street is lucky then!
                        Miriam's in PS is solid.
                        Not *the best*, but always a pleasant experience for us, both dinner and brunch.
                        I've never had any server trouble there, but that's just my good luck I guess....

                        early threads on the original location:

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                        1. re: pitu

                          the brunch at miriam is decent enough but i've had two unremarkable dinners and one was filled with mishaps. miriam could be so much better.