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Feb 6, 2007 06:13 AM

Large Soft Pretzels

I am a transplanted New Yorker living in Toronto and I miss the large,soft,hot pretzels
that are sold by street vendors in NYC.
Has anyone seen these salty delights in TO?
(I am aware that you can buy a frozen pseudo-pretzel in the grocery store but I want the REAL THING!!!)

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  1. emq, there's a little soft pretzel shop in Yorkdale Mall (Yorkdale Rd. exit from Hwy 401). They're not bad, probably not up to NYC standards, but certainly better than the packaged or frozen options.

    1. There are pretzel vendors in a lot of the malls in the food court. There's one at the GO Union Station and most of the major malls. I think they are called Pretzel Time or something like that. They may not be exactly what you are yearning for from NYC, but they might satisfy the craving.

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        Pusateri's used to sell soft pretzels. Not sure if they still do. I think that they may have been made by the German bakery which used to have a location on Eglinton W. I forget the name...was it Konditori 'something'? Sorry about the vagueness of this post.

      2. You can get soft Pretzels at PretzelMaker. Here is the list of stores:

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          That's the one I was thinking of - PretzelMaker - not PretzelTime :)

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            PretzelMaker pretzels are revolting. Very sweet, like some kind of dessert rather than a real pretzel. Avoid them.

          2. Though not as soft as the pretzels you get in the mall, the large pretzels from the Dimpflmeier Bakery in Etobicoke seemed to me more like like the ones found in NYC. I did not have them warm, but they were dense and kind of chewy and great with some mustard.

            As I have never been to the actual bakery, I cannot tell you if they bake them throughout the day, but they were pretty good out of the microwave.

            1. It's not a street vendor pretzel, but it's German and fat and squishy and fantastic - Amadeus restaurant at Richmond and University has wonderful pretzels.

              I stumbled upon this place and found the food surprisingly authentic and good. It won't channel the NY vibe you're missing, but if it's pretzel you want, this is the place (we shamefully ordered extra... good with mustard).

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              1. re: Rabbit

                I second the pretzels at Amadeus - yummy!