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Feb 6, 2007 05:48 AM

Coffee beans on Smith?

Is there any place to buy coffee beans on Smith near Warren? In this weather, it has to be really, really close by. TIA

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  1. Stinky Brooklyn I believe carries D'amicos and some other top quality brands.

    1. And Stinky's blend from D'amicos is D'amicos: Court and Degraw.
      Seriously, support Stinky's but if you want 100 times the selection, go to D'amicos.
      Do a search for D'amicos. Nothing but praise on Chowhound.

      1. Cobblestone Foods on Court and Warren has Gorilla coffee beans. Try the Costa Rica blend -- I'm drinking some now and its strong, chocolatey and flavorful.

        1. i would recommend both gorilla beans and Damico beans but as for you rimmediate area, go with damico's beans - whether you buy them right there at their Court st. location or at stinky's. they roast all their own, right there at the entrance to their store. to step into their storefront is like no other experience i have ever had.i know sahadi's etc roast their own, too, but since damico's store is so nice and small, the smell is out of control. so delicious. that and theyre total local, nice, down to earth people. no pretension or anything. love it. course, you could always wait for the new SBux on Smith, too, hehe.

          1. D'Amico's house special dark roast is really all you need to know about coffee in Brooklyn. Easy on the wallet too.