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Feb 6, 2007 05:44 AM

Buffalo Chicken Dip, Day 2

I made the buffalo chicken dip for Superbowl Sunday and had leftovers. We reheated it and wrapped it in tortillas with lettuce. Was good.

This is the way I made the dip (there are a few versions):

Combine 3 chicken breasts poached and shredded with
12 oz bottle of Franks Hot sauce

Place in the bottom of a casserole.

Combine 8 oz package of cream cheese with
8 oz of Ranch Dressing

Pour over chicken, top with shredded mozarella

Bake at 350 for 30 mins. Top with chopped celery.

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  1. I made that same dip for superbowl. That's a good idea about the wraps. I think next time though, I'll mix the cheese in. Once it cooled...there was a solid layer of cheese on top and it was hard to dip anything into it.

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    1. re: mrsmegawatt

      I found the same thing with the cheese. I think next time I'll either spread it out more when I bake it or add the cheese after baking the first 2 layers though mixing the cheese in sounds good too.

      1. re: sharonanne

        The original recipe says to bake with no cheese for 20 minutes and then top with cheese and bake again for another 20 minutes.


    2. We do a quick version of that too.. I used canned chicken breast (3) that has been drained, rinsed, drained again, and I go through it and shred it a little more with my fingers. I add a brick of cream cheese, a cup of red hot, a cup of Jalapeno ranch and then the chicken. I also add in a brick of jack that I have shredded or pepper jack if I want serious heat. I always try and make it the night before because it just tastes better the next day. We microwave it if we are in a huge hurry, otherwise in a pyrex in the oven.

      If and when there is any left over, I smear it in a flour tortilla and made quesidillas.

      1. I had it lunch the next day too... Our variation is that we use a LOT of chicken Breast, 4 split ones. Then, after shredding, I just add enough Franks to flavor the chicken, For me, that was a little over 1/4 the bottle. Then, add 1 thing of cream cheese and then poor in a CREAMY dressing (I like Maries although this years I used TJs) to the point you want it to flavor (SO though it was TOO blue cheesy and I only used 1/2 the bottle!)

        It turns out more like a casserole this way than a dip, but people still LOVE it...


        1. I made it for superbowl Sunday but it was DEVOURED before Prince sang in the rain. I wish I had some leftovers, because I could really get down with a buffalo chicken wrap for lunch :0)

          1. Great idea, but I'll try it with bleu cheese instead of ranch.

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              I do it with bleu cheese - it seems to make more sense to me. I do add a Ranch dressing mix packet, though: