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Feb 6, 2007 05:34 AM

Komi -- Is the wine Pairing worth it?

Hi all, I am going to Komi for the first time on Friday and wanted to know if the wine pairing is worth it. On the Komi Web site, it says the wine pairing is $51 a person. It seems a little steep to me but if it really is out of this world, I'd like to do it. Anyone who has been recently, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Also, any dishes not to miss or those that are just so-so? Thanks so much!

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  1. As far as dishes not to miss- it's a fixed menu, so you don't really have a choice in the matter :) As far as the wine pairings, when we went a while ago I thought the pairings were great. I guess I think of wine pairings this way- 50 bucks or so = 5 glasses or so of decent wine. Do you get about that much wine? sure.

    1. The wine pairing used to be worth the money buy not anymore. They have a new sommelier and we where neither impressed with the quanity or quality of the pairings.

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        How long ago did the sommelier change? That is a shame because over the summer the meal with the pairing was fantastic. Good wines, fair pours and great timing.

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          If the sommelier you're referring to is Adam Curling, I understand he is leaving. So you can ask who the new sommelier is.

      2. I think the pairs are very much worth it because it gives you something to drink while eating that is somehow related to what you are eating and also saves you the pain of looking through a wine list and getting a bottle of something or another which costs about the same as the pairing. Consider the pairing as part of the experience of dining.

        1. We were pretty unhappy with the wine pairings. My biggest complaint was probably the timing of the pours. The starters are coming out fast and furious, and they keep the wine coming the same way. Suddenly they poured us a glass of sparkling wine, and didn't say anything about the fact that it would be going with our main course. The main course didn't get to us for another 10 minutes. Ooops ... the sparkling wine was basically gone at that point. When I asked what would be going with the main, the guy said "that was what the sparkling wine was for." I pointed out that we'd almost finished that, and asked if we could have something else. Heavy sighs on his part (we were willing to pay for additional wine). I think we'd have been a lot happier if we'd just gotten a bottle and poured ourselves instead of feeling rushed through the opening wines and then suddenly left dry.

          1. No, not worth it. You much better off bringing a nice white burgundy and a nice red burgundy and paying corkage. The wine parings were not matched well and the wines were mediocre at best. And the timing was off as well, we hade the same issue as LulusMom.