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Feb 6, 2007 05:30 AM

Lunch in North End on a Friday with 5 kids

....aged 6-12 and 3 adults. This is after an Ice Show at the Garden. My kids are mostly eclectic eaters (calamari, crab cakes, pasta, lobster etc) so we would really like to find a place that can accomodate a variety of tastes while not being too stuffy for a group like this.

Would also consider North Station/Quincy Market area but am not looking for a burger/beer kind of place



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    1. It'd be a REAL tight fit, but The Daily Catch would meet your culinary requirements.

      Other kid-friendly (and good) places include Antico Forno, Pomodoro, Dom's, and L'Osteria.

        1. Il Panino Express- order pizza, subs, pastas all delicious at the counter. YUM

          1. i say the same as foxy fairy - ill Panino Express is good food and easy to go to with children. depending on what time your show is you can try Galleria Umberto for italian rice balls, pizza, calzones... it's inexpensive and the place is very casual. BUT if you don't get there before 12:30-1, don't bother. it sells out every day and the lines are very long.