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Feb 6, 2007 05:24 AM

Lexington KY Restaurants

I'll be visiting Lexington this weekend to see a few girlfriends and am looking for restaurant suggestions...We are open to anything.

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  1. You need to be a little more specific; traditional, ethnic, price range, location? Give us some help.

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    1. re: StevenF

      Actually we aren't too picky. Any location in Lexington is fine, we are just looking for a good atmosphere and good food. Reasonably priced - probably around the $30 and under entree. Mexican, Southern, American, Thai, or any suggestions of 'must try' restaurants.

      1. re: dddhokie

        Among the nicer restaurants in Lexington, I'd go with Jonathan's or Azur; or, if you're willing to drive a bit, try the Holly Hill Inn in Midway (about 30 minutes away).
        For local eats (meat and three, Hot Brown), go to Ramsay's. It's got a comfortable, run-down feel to it. Nothing too special in Mexican or Thai, but there is a good Chinese restaurant, Panda Garden on the north side of town on New Circle Road. Make sure you ask for the Chinese menu for a handful of dishes well off the beaten path. I always get the hot, sweet and spicy noodles. In terms of value, it's the best restaurant in town.

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          I especially enjoy the Panda Garden's buffet luncheon that is served on Saturdays only, there are a lot of authentic dishes on it ,which are not served on the weekday buffet.
          A favorite of the local oriental clientele, as evidenced by the large crowds that fill the dining rooms.

    2. I eat a half dozen or so meals in Lexington each August.I can vouch for Dudleys as providing high quality,reasonably priced southern fare.The Stilton Bacon Burger is very fine as is the legendary Hot Brown.Sit in the courtyard and feel the cool Kentucky breeze.

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      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Dudley's is moving from the manse they've occupied for the last 20 or so years. It's one of the nicer settings in Lexington with a fine patio and bar seating area[never cared for the formal dining room].

        New location is to be on Short Street.

        Dudley's quasi-fine dining menu is good but the bacon cheeseburger is the best I've found in Lexington,better than Lynagh's legendary O round.

      2. Dudley's is good...although the cool breeze may be a little too cool this time of year. They have several interesting things on their menu, but a safe bet is the Pasta Dudley's style. If you go here for dinner, sometimes it can be a little stuffy. They have bar seating too if you want it to be a little less formal.
        Jonathan's...great steaks and seafood, can be a little pricey and stuffy, but they have bar seating too.
        Italian: Bellini's downtown is pretty good, if you want to get away from downtown area, Giueseppe's out past Fayette Mall on Nicholasville is good and they have jazz (sometimes not great jazz!) on the weekends
        Mexican: Good, cheap food at several local places with standard Mexican food: Rincon on Euclid, El Toro on Nicholasville road
        Southern: Ramsey's diner (several throughout the city) has good down home cooking and great pie. Suggin's on Romany Road is a neighborhood bar kind of place with down home cooking
        Those are just a few off the top of my head. There are so many restaurants so if you have something in particular you're looking for I may be able to recommend more. If you're looking to eat and do some bar-hopping try one of the places downtown. This website has some good info. and menus:
        Hope this helps!!!

        1. I like Malone's in addtition to the others that have been mentioned. I think their steaks are really good.My next favorite would be Jonathan's though...everything is always good.Oh and Desha's...great location.