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Anyone tried the Theater District Rustic Kitchen?

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We were not especially impressed with the one in Porter Square, but I hear this one has its act together. Anyone been there?

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  1. I've been by for drinks, which were acceptable if not great. It's a huge, pretty good-looking space. They obviously spent a lot of money on the 57 redo. It has several large, separate dining areas, including a long bar with street-window views in addition the main bar you see on the left as you enter. A big wood-oven pizza prep area, an open pasta-making kitchen, a TV-studio kitchen for some future cooking show (now aired on the hotel's cable only), private dining rooms.

    It's a new new chef, as Bradley has decamped to the suburbs (Franklin, MA). The flatbread pizzas look quite good. I intend to go back and dine. There's a recent review in the Herald.

    1. Went recently after they opened and not as impressed with service and food. Loved the ambience and decor, would love to come in for the cooking classes. Food wasn't enough wow for me, service either. With all that's available in Boston - needs to step it up to compete.

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        Do you remember what you ordered? If so, do tell, please.

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          That's kind of funny because I usually remember my dishes but this was not a memorable evening. I remember my dad got the spagetti bolognaise (sp?) and he wasn't impressed. hubby got a fish dish, not imprested. oh i remember what i got now - a veal dish that was very dry and I was very dissappointed, I don't usually order veal and thought "hmmmm, never again will i". too much batter, too many flavors, not any veal. :-(

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          This is how we felt about the Porter location. Wanted to love it and gave it several tries. Liked the space and the location but the food never wowed enough for the price.

        3. i've had pizza and tuna tartare there, both of which were good. ate at the bar both times, and service was pretty sloppy the 1st time, and the 2nd time really bad. the wine list is terrible. it's a shame because i do like the space. maybe they'll get better as things progress.

          1. I too have really enjoyed the tuna tartar and a pizza. The entrees were dismal and the bar service was great once and horrible - Chad all alone - the next, when we had the dull entrees. Nice atmoshere for an app and wine, that's all. imho

            1. decor and ambiance are wonderful. food is below average. i had the lemon shrimp linguine (not named that but that's what it was). it was oily, bland and overdone. restaurant was about 1/5 full on a Friday night.

              1. This is somewhat off the subject, but I recently heard from a friend in the restaurant biz that
                Petit Robert Bistro would be opening up where Rustic Kitchen used to be in the Porter
                Exchange building..I wonder if they aren't moving a bit fast in expansion of their little empire..

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                  Super-fast expansion? Jinxed location? How can they lose?

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                    I don't have anything particularly focused in mind..just have heard one or two friends
                    who've gone to the South End one and aren't as enthused..so hope they aren't
                    diluting their product too much.

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                      I was just being a smart-aleck. I completely agree with you.

                      That location is hopelessly cursed; I have watched it go from Cottonwood Cafe to Metro [almost to a high end chop house and pool hall code-named "Bling Bling" by the staff] to Giuseppe's to Rustic Kitchen, and now to this.

                      Couple this space's track record with the already-present rumblings that the Petit Robert concept is expanding too fast and getting diluted, and I'd say you've got a solid recipe for failure.

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                        cottonwood was there a long time though.

                2. Went early on a Tuesday before the theatre. Had the Tuna Tartare ap and a pinot grigio. The beautiful tower of tuna and avacdo is spiked with hot sauce---lots of heat on this delicate dish. Home-baked bread with a delicious, warm, white bean spread along with some olives is served as part of the meal. Service was excellent on this slow night in the bar area. Tom Holloway, the exec chef, makes himself available and is friendly. He talked about the food show that will come out of the special kitchen designed for this purpose. They should do well in this beautiful new space near the theatre district. A big improvement over the old "57" steakhouse.