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Feb 5, 2007 09:33 PM

Good place for drinks?

I'm looking for a good place to get drinks with a special lady. I would like a place that is nice, quiet, and maybe slightly romantic. Preferably near Farragut West or Georgetown. Thanks!

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  1. In Georgetown, and I despise their food, Mie N Yu is a wondderful place to take a younger lady. Sit in the front room with the plush pillows and have a nice drink.

    1. Off the Record Bar in the ground floor of the Hay Adams Hotel is about a block from Farragut West, just across from the White House. Quiet, cozy, with lots of plush nooks to linger and talk in. Very romantic. Keep the cocktails simple and you'll have a good time. The barkeeps can vary in quality. I ordered a gibson but the guy gave me a gimlet. It was a pretty good gimlet though. Pretty good appetizers as well. And afterwords, you can go for a little walk in Lafayette Park.

      1. If you are going later in the night Tabbard Inn is a pretty romantic spot

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          Tabbard Inn isn't all that close to Farragut North or to Georgetown though- its right in the heart of DuPont.

        2. The Town and Country Lounge in the Mayflower Hotel fits the bill and is near Farragut West.

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            Mayflower is not exactly quiet or romantic, but makes a great martini.

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              Oops. Guess I should have chosen a different spot for that marriage proposal seven years ago!