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¿Asia de Cuba?

It looks like I've been invited there for a small business dinner tomorrow (one of 3 possible places, but I have no say in the matter). It doesn't look like it is the best place to eat - suggestions as to what to order? Avoid?


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  1. Thumbs down. We didn't like ANYTHING we ordered. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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      I second that. Food wasn't great at all!

    2. We were there and found it somewhat of a disappointment. The chicken on lemon grass skewers was almost raw.

      1. One of the worst and most expensive dinner I have ever had.

        1. Where is this great place?

            1. If the prices were more down to earth, the food would rate as average at best. However, with the stratospheric prices that they are charging for mediocre food, I can't help but to leave the restaurant feeling like I've been robbed. The only upside I can think of is that the place is where you'd go if you want to see or be seen by the hip crowd.

              1. i was there once and enjoyed a cuban style flank steak (this was years ago), but was grateful that it was a business dinner. i find it to be the most insultingly expensive restaurant in sf. be happy you aren't paying!

                1. I haven't eaten at the SF Asia de Cuba, but I recently went to the one in London. Same feedback - very trendy place but the food was not great and the prices were sky high, especially factoring in the currency exchange rate. Fortunately, that was business dinner hosted by someone else. My suggestion, ask for your entree to go easy with the sauce or have the sauce served on the side, be it fish, beef, whatever. It's possible to have a good time there, especially if you're not paying the bill, but hopefully the others in your dinner party aren't expecting a gourmet meal. Good luck.

                  1. Please report back on your dinner -- it would be great to hear what did and didn't work out, since you had to go!

                    1. Well, partially because I was not too thrilled to go, but mostly because Sunday was a big steak/lobster din, Monday was a feast at Lalime's, and Wednesday was to be lunch at Perbacco, I declined the invite, and cooked a nice piece of salmon at home.

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                        Sounds like a wise decision. I bet when the host got the bill, he was just as happy to have had one less mouth to feed, too.